7 Stories Of Real Vampires That Some People Have Experienced


People are aware of Dracula, but not everyone knows that there are real vampires out there sharing the world with us. The only difference is that the ones in those famous fictions are more powerful than the ones in real life. The vampires that we are talking about today did have slick hair and wear a cape like the ones in the movies. Weird things happen all the time, and these stories of real vampires are no different so check them out. Let us know which one you think is the scariest one if you were in that situation like these people.

1Alnwick Castle Vampire

William de Newburgh was an English chronicler who recorded the events of the story of a hunchback vampire. His story was about a man who returned from the dead after he died while spying on his cheating wife. He crouched on the roof and then fell, he later returned as a walking rotting corpse spreading plague in his wake. So the villagers barricaded themselves in their homes once the night fell to stay safe.

The people then found the corpse which was corpulent and brimming with blood, and that was the profile of a vampire. The priest and his parishioners stabbed the corpse with a shovel, warm blood ran from the body. That confirmed that it had been drinking the blood of the living (that was 800 years before Bram Stoker’s Dracula). Then they burned the body, and there were no more attacks since then.

2Highgate Vampire

image: Ann Wuyts

In 1969, dead animals with completely drained of blood and neck wounds began to appear in Highgate Cemetery in London. Then many people reported to the local newspaper that they had seen a tall dark figure emitted an evil aura. Legend has it the vampire was a medieval nobleman who had practiced black magic in medieval Romania. He was brought to England in a coffin in the 18th century but was awoke from the dead by modern Satanists.

Sometimes later, the body of a woman was found in the middle of a path with her head cut off. Also, there was a wooden stake driven through her heart while her grave was somewhere else. Until 1973, Sean Manchester claimed to have found the King Vampire in a black casket in an abandoned house in Highgate. He dragged the casket outside and kicked in the lid to find an occupant with burning and fierce eyes staring with hellish reflection. He then drove a wooden stake through the ghoul’s heart while fearful scream began as the body turned into brown slime.

Unbelievable as it may sound, sightings and reports of vampires decreased since then.

3Jure Grando

image: www.wellbeskandi.se

Giure Grando or Jure Grando Alilovic was a villager from the region of Croatia who was the first real person described as a vampire. He died in 1656, and terrorized the villagers in the area for 16 years after his death. Official documents from that time named him a Stigon which means a vampire and a warlock. The legends tell that Jure would arise from his grave by night and terrorize the village every day for 16 years. The villagers discovered that at night he would knock on the doors around the village. Whosoever door he knocked, someone from that house would die within a few days.

Some of the bravest villagers chased and tried to kill the vampire by piercing his heart with a hawthorn stick. The attempt failed because the stick just bounced off his chest, but the people did not give up just yet. One night later, 9 people went to the graveyard carrying a cross, lamps, and a hawthorn stick. They dug up Jure’s coffin and found a perfectly preserved corpse with a smile on its face. The priest tried to pierce its heart again, but the stick could not penetrate its flesh.

After some exorcism prayers, one of the villagers took a saw and cut the head off the corpse. As soon as the saw tore his skin, the vampire screamed and blood started to flow from the cut. The locals said that peace finally returned to the region after Jure’s decapitation.

4Peter Plogojowitz

iamage: [Alan]

Startled, the son still prepared the food and set the food on the table for his dad. The man ate it, then rose and left room going back to the grave, presumably. The next day, the son told the neighbors what had happened while he was still alarmed of what he saw. That same night he waited for Peter but he did not appear, yet Peter was back the next night for more food. The son refused, and Peter gave him a malevolent and threatening look before leaving, and the son died the next day.

His son was the first person to die following by 8 more deaths in the village with similar cause. The cause of their deaths seemed to be due to exhaustion and excessive blood loss. The scary part was that each of them either saw Peter in their room or dreamed about Peter before they died. In the dreams, Peter seemed to glide toward them and catch them by the throat before biting and drinking their blood.

The villagers decided to disinter the body and examine for signs of vapirism like growing hair, beard, nails, and absence of decomposition. Together with the priest, everyone found that the exhumed body was indeed has the vampire characteristics with his eyes wide opened.

The people who were more outraged than distressed proceeded to stake the body through the heart. That was when a great amount of flesh blood flew through the ears and mouth of the corpse. Then the villagers gather wood to form a pyre to burn the corpse, as for the villagers’ corpses, the villagers reburied them. After that, there were no more dreams and strange deaths in that village again.

5Sava Savanovic

Ghosts and vampires are already two scary things that people are afraid of, let alone the two combined together. Say hi to Sava Savanovic, a Serbian ghost vampire who lived in an old mill and fed on unwary travelers. He also fed on millers who approached the mill after the dark as well. Just so you know, he did that before his death which means he was a living vampire. As he got old and died, he became the vampire ghost that lingers around the water mill still. He did not kill anyone after his death; however, people are still afraid of what he did. Sava Savanovic remains today as the best known vampire in Serbia, still.

As for another tale, it described Sava Savanovic as the richest villager who fell in love with a much younger girl. Her father did not agree to that but Sava did not give up so the father had to give the daughter. However, Sava’s brother also fell in love the young lady and secretly met her from time to time. Then Sava found out and killed his brother in a terrible fight where he stabbed his brother with the knife.

The wife was hiding in the mill during the affair but started to scream and run when the man died. He caught her and stabbed her in the neck, the scream drew the residents to the area. Then the villagers caught and killed Sava with sharp spikes and fired sticks, and left his corpse inside the wood. The legend remained that the wood still performs some creepy sounds and announces Sava’s coming back for revenge.

6The Hunderprest Of Melrose Abbey

image: Pixabay

There is an eerie story that tells how the monks of Melrose Abbey saved the town from dark specter. The vampire of Melrose back then was a chaplain to a lady who lived nearby. The chaplain was fond of all manners of sin and vice, and his soul could not find peace when he died. People called him Hunderprest which means Dog Priest because he enjoyed hunting on horseback with a pack of hunting dogs.

As he returned as a revenant, he drank the blood of innocents and change into a bat. He began to roam the places while screeching and moaning causing the villagers to summon the elder monk for help. The elder monk and his fellows found out that they were dealing with a true vampire so he immediately took action. He told his three companions to open the grave on the first light of the coming morn. They waited through the dark of night only to dispatch one of the novices to bring digging tools from the abbey.

Upon the opening of the grave, the vampire priest was lying in his coffin dead grinning with bloody lips. The elder monk ordered the men to remove the body and place it on the ground, then they burned it. After that, there were no signs of him terrorizing the villagers ever again. However, some people vow that they can still hear a muted scream through the ruins at the dark of night.

7The Vampire of Croglin Grange

image: Pinterest

The event began in the 1800s when the Cranwell family took up residence in Croglin Range in Cumbria. Lady Cranwell noticed strange lights in the garden below but she went to sleep anyway but woke up again. She saw the lights at her window, but there weren’t lights; they were eyes. She froze in terror as she saw the thing removed the panes one by one before opening the latch. She then screamed and her two brothers ran in to help her to find her bleeding profusely from the neck.

The brothers decided to slay the vampire, so they returned to the estate to set a a trap. The woman pretended to sleep in the same room, and the vampire tried to come through the window again. The brothers jumped out with pistols and shot it, it screamed and ran off into the night. The next day, the brothers gathered an angry mob and searched the graveyard until they found an open crypt. Inside, they found a rotten corpse with a recent bullet wound which they immediately burned.


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