10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World


Islands are one of the best places to visit on summer vacation since there are plenty of things to explore. The most beautiful islands in the world can’t be defined easily since they’re all amazing. But here in the list, we bring you just the islands with breathtaking views and great weather. And when it comes to islands, beautiful beaches are also included. I’ve got your back. If you plan to take an adventure on the islands, here are 10 of them for you.


Where: Indonesia
Activities: sunbathing, swimming, exploring Hindu temples and cultures, surfing, shopping, and more
Best Months: April – October

2Bora Bora

Where: French Polynesia
Activities: snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring marine life, tasting amazing local food, and more
Best Months: November to April

3Cayman Islands

Where: The Caribbean
Activities: diving, deep scuba diving, snorkeling, visiting new places, and more
Best Months: Late April to late October


Where: South Pacific Ocean
Activities: diving, snorkeling, surfing, partying, visiting history museum and garden, and more
Best Months: late October to early November

5Galapagos Islands

Where: Ecuador
Activities: exploring wildlife and marine life, hiking, visiting Charles Darwin Research Station, and more
Best Months: Any months


Where: Indian Ocean
Activities: exploring underwater creatures, scuba diving, surfing, shopping, visiting National Museum, and more
Best Months: May to November


Where: Hawaii
Activities: hiking, exploring volcano and cultures, beach basking, golfing, surfing, and more
Best Months: April to May, and September to November


Where: French Polynesia
Activities: swimming, sunbathing, diving, exploring nature, and more
Best Months: late March to late May


Where: Greece
Activities: partying in Ibiza, sunbathing, relaxing, snorkeling, shopping, exploring places, and more
Best Months: September to October, and June to August


Where: East Africa, Indian Ocean
Activities: swimming, sunbathing, exploring colorful birds and giant tortoises, and more
Best Months: April, May, October, and November

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