Some Common White Lies That People Tell All The Time

White Lies

People tell lies all the time, and those are white lies, black lies, red lies, and more lies. There are always moments when we need to tell white lies to save face, make people feel better, etc. Most of the white lies are harmless, and some even make us and other people feel relief as well. White lies are excuses sometimes, and of course, none of us can escape that. We will look into some common white lies that we tell other people all the time. Let’s see if you’re related to this.

1I’m Fine

When someone says I’m Fine, you know that there is a lot going on in their minds. Those could be a mixture of anger, sadness, disappointment, exhaustion, depression, etc. But “I’m Fine” covers everything from the actual truth. There is a high chance that people who text “I’m Fine” are crying while writing this short sentence.

2I Love It!

No matter if you love the gift or not, you will always say this to the person who gave it to you. But there are times, when you say it when you actually love it, with more enthusiasm of course.

3I’m Not Sad

If you believe in that, you don’t care enough about the person you’re talking to.

4I Don’t Care About Looks

No one would fall for a cyclop, trust me. Looks always play part in attraction, either a small or huge part. Unless…

5I Don’t Care About Money

Yup, unless the money plays a part then the look doesn’t matter. And of course, money does matter. Money can’t buy everything, but you can’t buy anything without money.

6Don’t Worry, It’s Okay

It’s not that okay, but I hope my reassurance helps.

7I Think I Want To Sleep

Or continue to watch movies or play video games without texting you every 10 seconds.

8Sorry, But I Have Soooo Much Homework 🙁

That is the translation to a lot of “The Walking Dead” new episodes to catch up on…

9I’m On My Way

Out of my bed.

10The Traffic Was So Bad

We all know this one.

11Oh Yeah, Of Course, I Remember You!

*The person walked out*, who on earth was that?

12All Of These Were On Sale!

When someone found your newly purchased clothes, shoes, and accessories.

13Size Doesn’t Matter

Depend on what thing the size refers to.

14That Was Funny

I would be laughing it was actually really funny instead of telling you that. Face saving confirmed.

15Right… That Makes Sense

I feel dumb, but I hope you think I’m not. The explanation still doesn’t ring a bell.

16Just Kidding

Or I was not, but I see your facial expressions so I changed it to a joke to get out of trouble.

17I Have Read The Terms And Conditions

No, I haven’t. I have never.

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