8 Most Important Items To Always Have In Your Bag

important items

In our everyday life, good things and bad things happen all the time so it is always great to have important items with you. No matter where you go, it is always handy when you have those important items in your bag. We never know when bad people sneak behind us or when we need a knife (not for killing of course). In case you want to know what important items you should have in your bag, we are here to suggest ssome. Here we have 8 most important items that you should bring along with as you go to places. So let’s find out what they are together with us.


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That includes elastic bandage and band-aids, either one or both are great to have. Cuts and small wounds need basic treatment so that the Virus will not spread and the blood won’t flow too much. When you have bandages with you, you are not only able to help yourself but also other people as well. Accidents happen, so it is one cautious act to have first aid items like bandages with you.

2Emergency Small Pocket Knife

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The great thing about this item is that it is useful for many purposes in your everyday activities. From simple quick turning of nails to tearing of bushes where you accidentally landed up, this item can do them all. The sharp parts of the items allow you to free yourself from bad people and run away easily. The key is to always stick the small knife out so that you won’t have to spend time trying to find one. Also, always keep this item where you can reach fast so that you can protect yourself on time.

3Pain Reliever Pills Kit

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Medical emergencies could come out of anywhere at anytime of the day, so it is useful to have some basic help kits. This kit includes pain reliever pills like aspirin and many more helpful pills that you can use in different situations. The pills at least can help you to take a breath while relieving the pain before the doctor can help.

At the same time, you never know when you suddenly have a headache or stomachache. So it is great to have the right pills at the right time so that you won’t have to worry about them. The kit is very easy to find and bring along with in the bag, and you will surely be thankful of its presence.


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Pen is one of the most important items that everyone should have with them no matter where they go. From school to work and at the airport as well as on the plane, you always need a pen. Not to mention you will have to write down an address, phone number, and any notes all of a sudden. It is not easy to look around for pen from other people when you can just have one of your own. The best part is you can use a pen as a defensive item when a bad person creeps on you as well. Stab the bastard with your pen, the pain is absolutely bad and you will be able to escape. So always carry a pen or two with you, there are always times when you need to use it.

5Pepper Spray

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Ladies know so well that pepper spray is one of the most important items that they need in their bag. Pepper spray is quite handy for quick escapades and a very good diversion equipment if you are in some kind of petty trouble. When you find yourself walking alone in a neighborhood you have just moved in, this is the main thing you need.

Or when you walk in a dark street alone after work or party, and you don’t know what happen. You might have to face the wrath of drunkards or other sociopaths in which you need things to protect yourself. Pepper spray is very easy to find, and it is also easy to bring along with in the bag. Not to mention that it can give the bad creeps who attack you a painful lesson, pepper spray is important.

6Small Flashlight

Now that is important, things happen unexpectedly anywhere at anytime that we don’t think of. Flashlight is the most important items to have at night or in the dark, we all go through that situation. There are times when the lights in the bathroom at your workplace just cut off or your phone is dead. You should always have a small flashlight with you, you will appreciate the importance of it one day.

7Small Book

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When you have a pen, you will surely need a small notebook with you as well. You should note down some important numbers in that notebook in case your phone died and you need to call. That small notebook is also important when you need to write down some important notes during a phone call. It does not have to be very thick and large, just a small book that you can write on will do. That also helps saving space in your bag for other necessary items as well.


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You cannot expect the toilet roll in the bathroom to be always full, and tissues are actually very important. Imagine you are walking on the street, and suddenly a bird poops on your shoes. (Yeah, that happened.) With tissues, you can immediately clean your shoes so that you won’t have to walk with bird poop on your shoes. Sometimes you need to blow your nose, sometimes you touch dirt on the chair, and tissue is the first thing you need. So having a small box of tissue with you helps a lot no matter where you go, both men and women.


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