5 Things That Depress People Every Day


Have you ever wondered about the things that depress people every day all the time? We all have problems, each of us except some people tends to have more than the others. The bad thing about depression is that it makes people hate themselves, their lives, and everything they have. If you ask people who cut their wrists or arms, and people who attempted suicide, you would know that the cause is depression.

Well, you see, we tend to get stressed easily when we are overthinking something. Or, people get depressed when there are many bad things coming all at once that they are not prepared for. Today, we have a couple of things that cause depression in a lot of people out there. Discuss that together, and find out the solutions or at least a way to reduce it.


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There are 2 ways when it comes to family depression. It is either your own family fall apart, or your parents and family members treat you differently. A family does not only have 2 people, sometimes they also have children. If things don’t work the way it used to, you split that up. That is when you have to live separately from people you love, and that is also when depression strikes.

You miss your family members, you don’t want things to go that way, and you wonder why this happened. All of these thoughts make you stay up all night, drink beer or wine, and smoke tons of cigarette. Irrational yet satisfying for some moments, sooner or later it becomes a habit. You become a depressed person, and there is nothing you can change about it.

On the other hand, depression is also there when you live in a family yet feel isolated. No one is there to talk to you, listen to you, or love you the way you wish they would. That is the moment you started to ask yourself what have you done wrong, and why is this happening. You tend to cry yourself to sleep because you feel like no one in the house loves you anymore. You started to talk to friends, but their advice is not helpful or right for your situation. There is nothing you can do to make yourself someone the family accepts. You lose hope, and become stressful from day to day.

You have to know that the world does not end today, and there will be brighter days ahead. At this point, don’t stay alone or shut yourself out from other people. If you want to get out of depression, get out of the room. Talk to your friends and people you know, their advice might not be helpful, but at least you let it out.

At least you don’t keep all the problems to yourself and stress yourself out alone. Share the things that hurt you, bother you, upset you, you will feel relief after that. Go out, do some sports, or just hang out somewhere relaxing. Remember, don’t stay in one place when are depressed unless you choose to live in that depressing life.


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This is about having less friends, or being bullied by “friends”. Not having someone you can trust or talk to when you are in trouble kinda sucks. Not having many good friends or best friends is difficult sometimes. It is like going to places, but you’re just there all alone by yourself. You can say I don’t need friends, I can play video games or sleep all day. Or, I can make friends online. That can be a nice thing if you are happy with it.

At another point, you don’t have too many friends and the people you know make fun of you every day. This is one main screwed up thing. Those bullies just go around hurting your feelings all the time, and you can’t do anything about it. Bullying is just really really bad. Well, how to deal with bullies? You can’t stay away from them forever, and you can’t escape them. They always have ways to find you and make fun of you and people you love.

I have been through it. One example was a friend of mine cut my hair in the class when I was in 9th grade. From that moment on, I stood for myself and allowed no one to do that to me again. You have to know that if you back down, they will step on you even more. So stand up, and show the people who hurt you and your feelings that they have no rights to do so. Let them know you are not someone that can toy around. They will stop. These bullies only pick on the person who is afraid or inferior to them, and don’t be that person. Stay strong.


You can easily say to someone that “If you are not happy in your relationship, leave.” However, when you are actually in the situation, you know it is not that easy. There are times when people become so closed to each other it hurts when they break up. Or, when a person from one side fall for their partner so much they can’t let things go.

How depression come up? When that one particular person thinks that their lover left them and stopped loving them, other thoughts come along. To the point where they think that nobody else loves them or will ever love them again. These thoughts usually come when they are alone, and depression was born at that moment. People do silly stuffs when are depressed, they think about committing suicide, or ruin the life of the people who hurt them.

Probably the best way to get out of a relationship is talking about it. Have a conversation and explain your partner why things don’t work anymore. Make sure they understand, and stay friends to make sure everything is alright. Whether the sparks are gone or still there, make sure you end things peacefully so that the scars are small.


Study is probably one of the huge causes of depression. You might be struggling to get good grades, finishing assignments by deadline, or staying up all night studying for exams. Then, you start to eat less and relax less, but work more and more all day and night. You don’t have those free times to go to the movies or hang out with your friends anymore. You spend most of the time in front of your laptop or books hoping you will do great in academic performance. The less fun you have, the more depressed you become.

Things might not go that way if you actually want to spend all of your time for studying. However, if you want to have some fun for yourself but you can’t, you get depressed. What else? You think about your future, worry if you cannot make it well when you become a responsible adult. If you’re an Asian, you might be afraid that people will make fun or insult you when you achieve nothing. You started to hate your teacher, homework, and assignments. So you begin to procrastinate, and sleep even less than before. You become tired, and become even more depressed.

How to get away with that? Let’s make it this easy to understand. If you take one day to go out and have fun, you will come back refreshing and relaxing. However, if you take that one day doing nothing but swimming in books and deadlines, your results won’t be any effective. Give yourself a break, and reschedule your tasks. Don’t rush, and you will sooner find a way. Schools and universities suck in different ways, but you can’t escape them. So make sure you are happy, relaxed, and procrastinate less. You can still hate your teacher though!


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Now this is something we can’t run away from, unless you were born rich and don’t have to work. No matter what type of work it is, depressions come in any image you can’t imagine. Not to mention haters and pressure people put on you, in some workplaces only, I suppose. There are times when you want to quit, but it is not the right time for that as well.

Maybe you can take a week off on a holiday or something to refresh your mind? One of the best ways to reduce depression is a short vacation of course. Go hiking, go on adventure, or go to the beach, just travel. Meeting new people and doing new different things will make you feel better. It also distracts you from the problems you have as well, so yes that is a great solution.

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