7 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress


Sad truth is that none of us humans can escape from stress and depression. If you have already tried many different ways to reduce stress but they didn’t work, check this out. No matter if study, work, friendship, or relationship brings you intense situations, there are always ways to deal with them.

Well you see, depression comes from overthinking cooperates with a lack of resting and eating. It is never easy to shake those negative thoughts off, been there done that. But every problem has its own solutions, all you need to do is open up your mind to accept it. If you will ever encounter the moments when you want to do nothing but shut yourself out, try these.

What you are about to read are the 7 simple tips to get you out of the stressed zone. You can choose one among them, or try a few. You will surely feel better.


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When people say yoga or meditation can make your depression fade away, try it if it’s not boring for you. I’ve been stressed out, and those activities are not effective enough to make me feel better the way I wanted. Give yourself a nice treat of great food. I don’t know about you, but listening to the experts and eat fruits or drink tea won’t work for me. Eat something that can refresh your thoughts. Let’s say ice cream, yogurt, or something cheesy like mozzarella sticks. Geez, I’m starving talking about this. You know cold snacks or cheesy snacks can actually help. You can get a box of ice cream to eat while watching comedy shows sometimes. Just don’t eat too much unhealthy food, too much or too many of things is never good for you.

2Give Yourself Some Air

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Do you know why you need to relax although you’ve got deadlines to run to? Of course, you need to finish your work on time. But with depression, you won’t go anywhere further. That is why you should give yourself an hour or two, or even the whole day to chill. Do things that you like, or you can entertain yourself by watching movies or reading funny stuff. When you feel better, you can go back and finish your work better with less pressure.

3Go Out

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You should know that staying in one place is not the right way to reduce depression. And the fact that going out with bad moods in your head is not fun either. But, you have to know that unexpected things are always out there. Sometimes, going out brings you to a new environment that helps your feel better. Sometimes, going out can also bring new people to know you as well. The best part about going out is that it keeps you away from thinking negatively in your room alone. Just go out!

4Listen To Music

STAY AWAY FROM SAD SONGS. You must never ever listen to sad love songs or any sad songs when you’re stressed. For god’s sakes, those songs will never help. Give yourself some new pop songs, hip-hop songs, or go for metal songs and scream with those singers. You have to know that music changes and controls your mood. If you want to be happy and stress-free, listen to happy songs. Or you can just parody songs out there on YouTube, they’re lame but at least they’re funny.

5Take A Shower

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Cold or hot shower doesn’t matter. One of the best ways to let go of those stressful thoughts is taking shower. Once the water got your head, you will feel instant relief. Showering is fun too you know. You can play your favorite music, then dance and sing in the shower like you don’t care. When you get out of the shower, at least you know you shook some bad feelings away when you danced.

6Talk To Someone

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The thing is that no one can make you feel better immediately when you’re depressed. However, talking to someone about how you feel can relieve you from stress because you’re not keeping it alone. At least you have someone out there to listen to you talking about how bad you feel at that moment. It is absolutely tense to keep all the problems to yourself without speaking them out. Who knows? Perhaps that someone can not only listen but also provides helpful advice to your situation. Remember, never keep problems to yourself. One day you will explode trying to think about it alone. Share it with someone you can trust, and you will feel less stressed.

7Try New Things

You have never gone ziplining before? Great! Let’s go for it. Bring a friend to film your first moment of doing a new hobby. You know what, it’s worth it. Same old things are boring. Go for something new, challenging, and exciting because there are a lot of better things out there to explore. You have to know that you cannot allow a one-time depression to ruin the happiness you have built at all. Look around you and find new activities and places to go and try. Learn to enjoy your life and kick depression’s ass, buddy!


These 7 tips are written from the heart with the hope to help you feel better. Hopefully, you will. Life is a long journey, don’t ever let some stupid moments ruin your adventure. Smile and move on!

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