10 Tallest Female K-Pop Stars


Being tall is like a gift, and these tallest female K-Pop stars look even more stunning with their height. As we all know, K-Pop is very popular entertainment in South Korea. There are a lot of handsome and beautiful K-Pop stars that have great talent in their singing and dancing. On top of that, most of them are just super cool and cute to watch in the songs. The unique thing that only some female K-Pop stars have is their height. Let’s see who the tallest female K-Pop stars are with us and see how tall they are.

10Sooyoung: 1.70 m (5.5 ft)

Band: Girls’ Generation
Date of Birth: 10th February, 1990
Occupation: Singer, Actress, and Songwriter

She might the shortest on the list, but she might be taller than most girls in Asia. And she is the tallest member in her group, and she looks even more stunning in heels.

9Yull: 1.71 m (5.6 ft)

Band: EvoL
Date of Birth: 16th March, 1992
Occupation: Singer

Despite her natural height, Yull also likes wearing high heels which makes her even taller. Being the tallest member in the band, this height adds another great feature on top of her talent.

8Nana: 1.71 m (5.6 ft)

image: reddit

Band: After School and Orange Caramel
Date of Birth: 14th September, 1991
Occupation: Singer, Actress, and Model

With the same height as Yull, Nana loves to show off her long beautiful legs. She usually wears a mini dress as well as short jeans which enhances her look to another level.

7Sungah: 1.72 m (5.6 ft)

Band: Nine Muses
Date of Birth: 8th July, 1989
Occupation: Singer

9Muses is a girl band consisting of tall members, and Sungah is the shortest of all. Shortest at the height of 1.72 meters. Plus her beautiful figure, Sungah looks great in any outfits she throws on her body.

6Ga Eun: 1.72 m (5.6 ft)

image: reddit

Band: Dal Shabet (former)
Date of Birth: 28th July, 1992
Occupation: Singer

A taller girl with a slender figure sounds so pleasing to hear, and Gaeun is also one talented woman as well. With her perfect figure, this girl can rock any outfit on any occasion with ease and style.

5Hyuna: 1.72 m (5.6 ft)

image: Amino Apps

Band: Nine Muses
Date of Birth: 19th January, 1987
Occupation: Singer

9Muses is a group with tall members, and Hyuna is one among them. From head to toe, this girl is just flawless.

4Hyeji 1.73 m ( 5.6 ft)

image: Amino Apps

Band: Gangkiz
Date of Birth: 29th May, 1989
Occupation: Singer, Rapper

Apart from singer, Hyeji was also the runner-up in the 19th Supermodel Contest as well. The combination of her beauty and height is so rare which makes this young lady super unique.

3Euaerin: 1.74 m (5.7 ft)

image: pinterest

Band: Nine Muses
Date of Birth: 3rd May, 1988
Occupation: Singer, Model

It is no surprise that she is a model with that amazing height and slim body. She does not wear heels that high because of her naturally tall height, but still, she looks good.

2Subin: 1.74 m (5.7 ft)

image: koreaboo

Band: Dal Shabet
Date of Birth: 12th February, 1994
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and Television Host

Subin is one of K-Pop fans’ idols, and here is why. In every song she sings and dances, Subin always looks the cutest and the tallest which attracts great attention from the audience. From a mini dress to a skirt, she looks good in anything she wears.

1Sam: 1.76 m (5.7 ft)

image: tinh hac

Band: Nine Muses
Date of Birth: 5th May, 1987
Occupation: Singer

She has more talents than just singing, and that includes crafts, fine arts, and athletics. At that height, no doubt why Sam is great at those extra skills. The interesting part is she is not only the tallest member in her group but also the tallest female idol in K-Pop as well.