10 Safest Countries In The World To Visit


What’s your plan for traveling this year? How about visiting some of the safest countries in the world here? There are 195 countries in the world today, and here you will see the 10 safest of them all. If you choose to visit these countries, you will not have to worry about terrorism, war, or things like that at all. Plus, these 10 countries are absolutely beautiful which makes them perfect travel destinations as well. You can go on your adventure safely which is simply great. In the list, you will see countries rank from number 1 to 10, but all of them are equally safe. I simply include what you can there in each country. Check them out!


Despite the name, Iceland is not entirely covered by ice. The country itself is full of natural beauty that brings unforgettable memories to every tourist. There are many things that you can do there including whale-watching, sunbathing, swimming, mountaineering, and other activities with nature. Many different places in this country are full of joy and fun, you will absolutely love the trip.

2New Zealand

Since it is the country is surrounded by sea, the adventure is unexpectedly a lot. Depending on the places that you visit, you can do many different activities there. You can explore the life of nature by visiting waterfalls and mountain peaks while watching seals and penguins. Since the country itself has volcanoes, you can also go to the volcanic park to see more sites as well. Besides that, there are more to do like parachuting, walking, fishing, hiking, and more.


This country is flawless on so many levels. Once you are there, you can enjoy the view, the city, the sight, the wine, especially the food, and more! There are ports, towers, rivers, palaces, libraries, and more beautiful places that you should see. Even the weather is perfect there, not too hot and not too cold which is simply great to visit.


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Located in Central Europe, Austria is one of the best countries that you should not miss. If you love nature, you can go hiking the mountains and the alps, skiing, seeing glaciers, and so on. And if you prefer exploring the cities, there are a lot of amazing places await. You can see the palaces, medieval places of worship, museums, and many more. Or maybe you can explore both nature and the cities, they’re worth it.


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Denmark is a country that is full of histories to learn and explore. Let’s talk about the places that you can go. The amusement park with rides is absolutely great there. And you can also visit the 16th-century castle, national museums, theme parks, resorts, more castles, palaces, and many more. Your vacation will be so exciting if you spend it in Denmark, somewhere to remember.

6Czech Republic

Visiting the Czech Republic is like going back to the old time of the medieval era when everything was magically beautiful. Till today, the buildings and other structures in the country remain the look from the 9th century. The Czech Republic is well-known for its wealth of Gothic appearance, incredible castles, history, and native beers of course. Prague is the capital city of this country, and there is a lot to explore in this stunning capital.


Slovenia is a small but amazing country with great places to visit and security. There are lakes and rivers where you can go rafting, fly-fishing, canyoning, and sightseeing. There are also mountains and waterfalls that you can explore and hike to. The adventure does not end there. Ljubljana, the capital city itself, has a lot more buildings, bridges, and views for you to see. Not to mention the caves, underground canyons, and many more places.


Canada has always been a safe country for tourists and its people. Apart from the breathtaking Niagara Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, there is more to see. You can take your adventure moment to go hiking on rocky mountains, visit national parks, and check out tall buildings. Both the cities and nature are uniquely beautiful, of course, you will love your trip there.


The country is famous for ski resorts and hiking trails, but there is more that you can do. Switzerland has a lot of mountains, alps, and lakes where you do a variety of sports and adventures. Apart from skiing and hiking, you can also ride boats, zip-lines, kayaking, explore glaciers, and many more. Canadian people are also nice!


image: Ireland

There is more than just beer to see in Ireland. It is a country of historical fairytales, music, magic, and beauty. The most beautiful places to explore in Ireland are the Cliffs of Moher, Connemara, National Parks, Ring of Kerry, and more. You know you don’t want to miss your tour of the incredible medieval castles and structures. The green land of beauty, Ireland it is!

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