8 Best Zoos In The World You Might Want To Visit


Want to experience nature and see a variety of animals on your vacation? How about going to some of the best zoos in the world here? I’m bringing you 8 greatest zoos that provide real habitats for the animals themselves outside the cages or glass windows. Also, some of them are more like national parks than zoos. That way, you can see better what they are actually doing in the wild instead of staying in one place. It is also a more natural way to see the animals as well instead of walking from cage to cage. Or I should say you stay in the car, and the animals themselves come to see you! If you want to be close to the tigers or lions, these are the right places for you. Get ready and see which zoo or park will be your most favorite choice!

1Cabarceno National Park

In Spain, they have this amazing national park that protects endangered species and provides environmental education to tourists there. You will see hundreds of animals from 5 continents on planet earth. How do these animals live? There are large enclosures that make every single animal feels at home with absolute freedom. Apart from exploring the wildlife, you can also join environmental classes, go to picnic areas, visit souvenir shops, and more. Si amigos, Spain won’t let you down.

2Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

image: Viator

Not so well-known among tourists, but this wildlife park is one of the best places for animals out there. You will not only find just kangaroos there but also koalas, snakes, and many more endangered species. The park itself is a beautiful and natural home to more than 600 animals from over 150 species in Australia. You can hand feed these adorable animals as well, simply a great place to see.

3Knowsley Safari Park

image: BBC

Located in England, this is one of the parks where you can drive and explore wild animals along the way. As you drive, you will come across lions, cheetahs, monkeys, elephants, and more animals. There are 7 different zones in the park, and there are more than 29 animal species. From zone 1 to 7, you will see different groups of animals as you drive by. That is a very close way to explore wildlife indeed.

4Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo

How about the HUMAN stay in the cage and watch as the wild animals are roaming free instead? China has a very interesting way for tourists to see and feed wild animals like lions, tigers, and bears. There are cars with cage installed for the people to get in there. On the cage, there are chunks of fresh meat hanging outside to attract the animals to come close. It is the face-to-face experience between people and these dangerous animals. Totally worth it.

5North Carolina Zoo

Being the largest walk-through zoo in the world, you won’t regret your choice of coming here. There are more than 1,600 animals in the zoo, and the zoo itself has 2 different main areas. You can visit the Africa area and North America area to see the different life of animals there. The best part about the North Carolina zoo is that it provides natural habitats to the animals like it is their home. In the Africa area, you will find trees and animals that live in this type of environment like zebras, giraffes, elephants… And yes, all of them wander in the wild together naturally. While North America area is more like a swampy place that is full of reptiles and amphibians. Both areas are simply great.

6Orana Wildlife Park

Just like Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, this incredible wildlife park in New Zealand has the same method for tourists. Since it is an open-range zoo, visitors have to be in cage trucks to be visited by the wilds. The park consists of endangered and exotic wildlife that needs protection from heartless hunters out there. Today, there are more than 400 animals of 70 different species in the park. You can hand feed the giraffes and other animals naturally, but you have to be extra careful with the lions. Don’t feed your hand to them, this is just a piece of friendly advice.

7Prague Zoo

Or you can fly to the Czech Republic to see more than 4,200 animals there. Prague Zoo does not only have endangered species but also threatened species and varieties of other animals. From large mammals to big cats, there are many animals that you should see in the zoo. With a coverage of 588 hectares, it is like you walk in the wild, in a safer and more fun way.

8San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Here, there are both fence-free habitats and fenced habitats for the animals. It is one of the best parks to go to since a great number of endangered animals and species are there. You will find animals from across the world including Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia. Compare to most zoos with cages, this is one of the places you can watch wild animals up close.

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