How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

I believe many girls out there want to know how to tell if a guy likes her. Have you ever liked someone and wondered if he likes you back? Well, today is your day because the signs below will show you that he likes you, too. If he does a few things amongst the signs from this list, you might have a chance to grab his heart. Get ready, and take a look!

1He Cares About You

There are 2 types of caring: friendzone caring and want-to-be-more-than-friends caring. The easiest thing to notice the difference between the two is the level of his concerns. If he likes you as a friend, he won’t care as much, you know that drill. But IF he likes you more than just a friend, he will take more effort, and spend more time to make you feel warm, cared for, and loved.

2He Finds Excuses To Talk To You

No matter if it is messaging, chatting, or talking face to face, if he always tries to find things to talk to you, even with the weird topics he can think of, my friend, this man likes you!

3He Gives You Gifts

We are talking about small gifts or souvenirs that he found while he was on the trips or somewhere he went that he thinks you might like it. But remember, there is always the best among gifts. Maybe you should find out who else he gives it to, and see if yours are better to make sure that he really likes you.

4He Knows What You Like

We can talk about food, colors, hobbies, and anything in your favor. He must like you if he notices and remembers what you love to do and eat, and more.

5He Looks At You So Often

Not in a creepy way. If a man likes a woman, he always tries to look at her as much as possible. And if you caught him doing that often, you can tell that he likes you.

6He Pays Attention To You

Now, this is important. You might talk to many people a day, but you can tell how different their attention is. If the guy you like likes you back, he will pay attention to every word you say while making eye contact with you instead of being busy on his phone or looking away.

7He Remembers Your Birthday

This can be weird, but if you like someone the first thing you want to know about them is their birth date. So if he knows when your birthday is, my dear friend, he likes you too!

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