Popular Pets People Have Around The World


From birds to reptiles, there are many different popular pets around the world out there that you might want to know about. In case you find it hard to decide which animals you should have as pets, this article might help you with that. If you don’t have any favorite animals specifically in mind, these are the ideas that can help. All you need to do is ask yourself the types of animals that you prefer to have. That includes domestic animals like cats and dogs, birds, fish, and even snakes! However, don’t forget one important thing. Your working schedule also affects the choice of pets as well. Check out the popular pets around the world below, let’s see if you like any of them.


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If you work long hours a day, birds make a great choice to choose for pets. Also, if you live in an apartment that does not allows cats or dogs, birds are the most suitable option. Birds can bring companionship and enjoyment just like other furry pets, and even with less work. They are smart, low-maintenance, inexpensive to feed, and they can live in small living spaces while demanding less attention. If you are interested in having birds as pets, here are some great bird species for you.


Large yet friendly and loving, cockatoos are one awesome birds to have at home as pets. Not to mention that they are beautiful and adorable to have in the house. The different characteristic that cockatoos have compared to other birds is that they want attention. That is because they love to play and they want to bond with their owners. If you have other members in the house that have free time or your work does not require much time outside, cockatoos are the perfect bird pet.


Descended from parrots, macaws are the largest parrots on earth as well as amazing pets. They are friendly and sociable, and they love playing and cuddling with their owners. If you live in a big place, a macaw should be a nice pet to have. There are many different types of macaws out there along with different colors that you can have as pets. With a bit of research, you will surely have an amazing companion in the house with you.


There have been debates about whether or not owls make a good pet, and here’s why. It might be difficult to own owls as pets if you live in the United States since it is considered illegal there. In the US, you can’t own an owl unless you have a license or you are a professional trainer. However, in some other countries like the UK and some countries in Asia, owls are legal to have as pets.

There have been claims that owls are dangerous birds to have as pets due to their habits and everything. First thing first, it is a myth that all owls are nocturnal because only about 60% of them are. The good thing is that there are many different types of owls that are active during the daytime which you can have as pets. Well, that includes pygmy owls, burrowing owls, short-earned owls, and more. And guess what, they are all super adorable.


Parakeets aka Budgies have been kept as pets by people since ancient Greek society, especially in Royal families. They are extremely popular pet birds that have great personalities that melt people’s hearts. Parakeets are delightful and friendly pets that are easy to tame and train. They come in different appearances and colors in different regions that you can choose from. If you like playful little birds that are quiet to have in the house, parakeets are the one.


Parrots are one intelligent birds that are entertaining and beautiful to look at. They can learn tricks, and they provide great bonds and companionship to owners. The interesting thing about parrots is that they are very affectionate, and they are cuddly with trusted people. You can train them to behave as well as to do tricks, and they are just ready for those. They can be messy and stubborn sometimes, but aren’t we all?


Popular in the Middle East, pigeons are both indoor and outdoor pets. There are many colors, but the most common ones are white, black, and gray. They are super easy to feed, and they are also very easy to take care of as well. At the same time, pigeons don’t bite, pluck, or chew at all which makes them a safe pet to own. Love quiet and peaceful environment in the house? Pigeons are the best pet choice for you.

2Domestic Pets

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Domestic pets are the type of animals that is either tamed or domesticated that people can own as a pet. There is a wide range of domestic animals that you can choose as pets, and the most common ones are down below.


You can’t resist the cuteness of an alpaca’s smile, it is just heart-melting. If you have a farm or a barn where you want to add more members, alpacas are the number one choice. There are a few things that you need to know about owning an alpaca. First, their appetite is as much as feeding a large dog. Having alpacas as pets requires you to prepare grass, orchard grass, hay, grain, fresh water, and free-choice minerals. Another point that you have to know when raising an alpaca is the shelter. They are prey to dogs and coyotes as well as other wild animals, so a no-climb and a tall fence is highly recommended. Also, they are herd animals, so you might consider raising an alpaca with other alpacas. What can I say, two alpacas are better than one!


The fluffy animals that don’t bark and meow are definitely bunnies. Bunnies are one of the best animals to have as pets, especially for those who like quiet yet playful and adorable animals. Not different from cats and dogs, bunnies also interact and get to know their owners very well as well. Bunnies recognize their owners by voice and sight, and they will even come on command. Another cute thing is that bunnies may even follow their owners from room to room and jump up the owner’s lap when called. They are easy to train, and they have a long life span which is great to have in the house.


If you don’t like the sound of barking at night that is eventually made by dogs, get a cat. Those meows might be loud from time to time, but we all know it is at least more pleasing than barks. Apart from that, cats are super easy to take care of and feed, and they don’t need too much attention at all. Not to mention that they are clean, and they don’t make much mess as dogs do. Well, except they love to break or push things off the table sometimes.


Dogs are men’s best friends, and they really do a great job of keeping us happy. There are many dog breeds that make great pets from small to large. The one thing that you have to notice about getting dogs as a pet is they need a lot of attention. You have to make sure that you have enough time to play with them, train them, and groom them. Some dogs can get upset easily when they don’t receive enough attention from their owners. Other than that, dogs are super joyful pets to have.

Guinea Pig

For those who live in cool climates and look for small pets, guinea pigs are up for the choice. Guinea pigs are from cool climates so they don’t do well in hot and humid conditions. At the same time, they are very healthy animals that are prone to particular diseases like dental disease and bladder stones. So guinea pigs are very easy to take care of since all they need are fresh vegetables, freshwater, and some pelleted food. Their life span is up to 5 or 7 years which is ideal for owners who are ready for pet commitment.

P.S: Guinea pigs also purr.


That chubby face makes hamsters super cute pets for both kids and adults. Not to mention the soft and furry body that you can stroke to help soothe and relax your mind. Hamsters are small which means you can easily design a castle for them using small space in the room. Just watch them running on their wheels or playing with the small ball, and your day is made. Hamsters are friendly and cute animals that make super adorable pets, and you will never regret the choice.


Kids don’t ask for ponies on their birthday for no reason, and horses somehow make a great pet. If you are ready for a long commitment and your house area has space for a barn, then go for horses. Well first thing first, you can enjoy horseback riding which can help with health and fitness along with entertainment. It is also super fun as well. They might be big, but they are very easy to take care of actually. It’s just that you need to provide plenty of food, bedding, and shelter. They have a longer life span than most pets, and they are fun animals to have since they are playful and energetic.


If you have kids at home, and they ask for pets; you might want to consider a mouse. Well, pet mice are small, cute, inexpensive, and very easy to take care of. Also, if you want a pet mouse for yourself, there are some tips that you might to know. The owner of a mouse has to be patient because mice can nip pretty hard if they get scared. That is why owners have to handle them with a gentle touch to tame and get them familiar first. You can own mice as a group if they are all females because male mice will fight each other, even to death sometimes. Mice have a short life span of about one or two years, so they make a nice pet choice if you are not ready for a commitment with pets.


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Fish is the second most popular pet that is owned by people in different countries throughout the world. They possess this tranquil and calming effect that is so relaxing to watch. More than that, they are quiet which you can leave alone at home without worrying about anxiety or destructive behaviors at all. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about barking or jumping that damage the properties in the house as well. If you like the quality of fish and want to have them as pets, there are some suggestions below.

Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish is the type of fish that you can immediately take home to the tank right after purchasing. There are beautiful freshwater fish types that can brighten up your home and office with natural beauty. Take a look.


Betta aka Siamese Fighting Fish is a one-tank man. That means they tend to be aggressive toward other Betta fish in the tank. They aren’t called fighting fish for nothing, and believe that. Apart from that aggressiveness, Betta fish is a colorful and beautiful tropical fish that you can keep. They are very easy to care for, and their fins will always show off the beauty that you will never be tired of.


Goldfish is like the most popular fish that people own since they are easy to take care of and feed. Yes, goldfish can live in a bowl without a filter except for that sort of home will like to shorten their life spans. The surprising thing is that they can live up to 20 years or more with proper care and housing. They are adorable and calm, and they make the perfect pets for kids and beginners.


Speaking of colorful, would you look at that! Guppies come with different colors on their tails and body, and that tail is amazing. Not to mention they come in a wide range of colors that add more beauty to the tank. The thing is that they are crazy breeders. If you keep male and female guppies in the tank, you should expect fish grandchildren from your pet fish. You can keep all males or all females if you want to avoid this. But if you want to be the happy grandparent for the next guppies generation, that doesn’t matter.

Neon Tetra

Small yet colorful, a school of neon tetra will definitely compliment the whole place. Since they love swimming and living in groups, you can have as many of them as you like. And the more members they have, the happier they become. This type of fish does not require any complicated diet and is absolutely easy to own.

Saltwater Fish

Building your saltwater tank for saltwater fish can be quite a challenge due to the steps. That is why these good fish below make a beautiful and easy-to-take-care-of choice to have.

Blue Tang

Here we have Blue Tang fish aka Dory from Finding Nemo. Just like the blue tang from the movie, all of them are not aggressive towards their tank mates at all. You can keep the juveniles in groups, but the adults will fight unless ample shelter and swimming room are provided. They might require more suitable food, but at the end of the day, they are super adorable fish to have.


They are one of the most popular and easiest marine fish to have in an aquarium. Usually, they establish their territory in the tank and stay in their place with great discipline. Clownfish are colorful and cute to look at, and the combination of their colors is just so relaxing to watch. The best part is they are accustomed to eating hand-fed food, and they acclimate very well which is great.

Copperband Butterfly

Here we have another fish species with stripes but in a more colorful look. This type of fish is among the favorite and popular fish owned by people due to its stripes and silver body. Their diet can be either simple or challenging. Usually, they feed on tiny shrimps, fish fry, and worms if they live on the reef. However, if you can’t find live worms, small pieces of clam will do. And that can be messy, but it might be fun we never know. Don’t keep them with aggressive fish because they are intended to jump if you do so. But at the end of the day, they are nice to have and to watch.

Six Bar Angel

This little angel is born with six dark vertical bars along the side that create unique beauty. Another beauty spot of the fish is the one vertical stripe on each side of its head. They are also the one-man tank type of fish since they can be extremely aggressive towards other fish. Try not to keep them in a tank with other peaceful or docile fish. The thing is that nature has designed this fish with eye-catching beauty that we can’t resist. If you fall for one, take good care of it. But still, it does not require much attention at all which is why this fish is ideal for busy owners.


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There are times when we think that reptiles are scary types of animals to have as pets. However, we all have different preferences when it comes to pet choices. The good thing is that not all reptiles are bad which is why there are some of them here that you can take into consideration.

Ball Python

If you are a beginner at owning pet snakes, ball pythons are perfect for you. They can grow up to 3-5 feet, and they are very easy to handle. From shelter to diet, ball pythons are one type of snake that you don’t have to pay too much attention to. They are not so active, so a smaller enclosure is fine for them. However, they are one good escaper which you have to make sure that the top is secured. Ball pythons feed on mice, the size of the mice should be varied depending on the size of the snakes themselves. All in all, ball pythons are one of a kind, you might want to have the experience with this snake.

Fun Fact: They are named so because they roll themselves into a tight ball by tucking their head inside their coils when threatened.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons aka beardies are one friendly and popular type of lizard to have as pets. If you have enough time to take care of them, don’t hesitate to get one. They are easy to tame, care for, and handle. Since they are omnivores, a mixture of invertebrate and vertebrate prey as well as plants will do. For shelter, you can put them in a tank with half logs and tree branches so that they are something to climb on. They are one awesome lizard to have, and they are also fascinating and fun to watch as well.

Brown Snakes

In case you want to try the experience of having legless crawlies as pets, brown snakes should be the choice. The thing is that brown snakes are slender and graceful which is safe and easy to handle. This type of snake is not different from other snakes when it comes to living conditions, they prefer dry and human areas. You might want to make sure that you maintain the ambient temperature to keep your pet snake comfortable.

For diet, they feed on earthworms, beetle grubs, slugs, caterpillars, and other soft-bodied invertebrates. Allow the food to make moves in the terrarium to give your pet hunting opportunities, and you can watch that to learn about nature as well. Oh, and they don’t bite since they are shy and little. Brown snakes’ defense mechanism is musk release which they do only when they are stressed or feel threatened. Other than that, they’re cool to have.

Leopard Gecko

Look at that face, a cute gecko that smiles? Leopard geckos are one of the easiest lizards to keep as pets for both kids and adults. They are super calm and very easy to handle, and they can grow up to 11 inches long while living up to 20 years. They feed on a variety of crickets, waxworms, mealworms, and pinkie mice for large adults. Adult leopard gecko, of course. Don’t place 2 male leopard geckos together because they will fight. However, two females will live happily together either with or without a single male. Sounds good, yeah? And if you put one male and one female together with enough space, you’ll become a grandma.

Water Dragon

The scale of this lizard is dragon-like indeed, and the different shades of green make it even more attractive. Their life span is up to 10-15 years, and they can grow up to 3 feet long. One thing that you should know is that water dragons need large enclosures which are quite costly. For food, you can feed them natural insects like crickets, mealworms, waxworms, earthworms, grasshoppers, butter worms, locusts, and small feeder fish. Another point to notice is that you shouldn’t pet two water dragons of the same sex because they are likely to display aggression.

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