10 Best Judges On Reality Shows Voted By Audience


Having the best judges on reality shows makes the performance and the whole things become even better. Most of the judges on our list today are so strict and look for the best in each act. You might be familiar with most of them if you are a fan of reality shows. From singing contests to talent competitions, we have 10 best judges voted by the audience worldwide. Let’s take a look and see if they are your favorite judges too.

1Howie Mandel

image: Parade

Well, his golden buzzer act Grace Vanderwaal was the winner of America’s Got Talent. I believe that he made the right decision, the young girl has a great future ahead of her. Howie Mandel is a Canadian comedian and television host in the famous show “Deal or No Deal”. He is one of the funniest judges on reality shows, and he is also a great judge as well. If you pay attention, you will see how nice he is when he gives comments to the contestants. A man can be nice without shaking people’s hands, and Howie Mandel that is.

2Simon Cowell

Everyone knows his name for he is a very strict and bold judge in reality shows. Simon is one of the judges in X Factor UK, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol, and more. He has begun his career since he was a teen, and he makes his way through success today. People say he was born to be a judge for he can bring the best out of the contestant, especially singers. There are times when he interrupts the singers and asks them to select the right songs to show their real ability. He might give heartless comments, but he is a nice guy after all.

3Amanda Holden

Amanda has been a judge on Britain’s Got Talent since 2007, and she is one of the best judges today. The great thing about her is that she clearly sees the potential of each contestant and encourages them. She is a very sweet and funny woman who adored by everyone in the show. She takes everything seriously, if she doesn’t think the contestant is good enough, then it’s a “No”.

4Howard Stern

Known as the King of media, Howard Stern is a radio and television personality, producer, actor, and former judge. He retired from American’s Got Talent last year, but he left with great memories. Howard is the unique judge who never takes off his sunglasses even in the show. And he always wears black outfits most of the time to the show. This tall man is funny and of course “stern” at the same time. He gave painful comments in a funny way so that the contestants could accept those. Too bad he left America’s Got Talent, the show was great with his presence.

5Piers Morgan

image: AGT Fandom

Piers Morgan is a very tough judge, and he gives absolutely harsh comments on bad acts. And trust me when I said harsh, every single word is genuinely painful to hear. His expression shows no mercy when it comes to arrogant and bad contestants. However, he is a nice guy if you look at the bright side. Piers knows how to have fun, and takes jokes as well. And there was this one time a contestant was rude to other judges, and he handled it very well.

6Heidi Klum

image: Intouch

Heidi is a woman of talent herself because she is a supermodel, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress, and more. And you know what, this woman can sing beautifully. Heidi is a funny and sweet judge on America’s Got Talent, and people love her. She might not be as heartless as the male judges above, but she won’t give a yes if she thinks the doesn’t deserve it.

7David Walliams

Speaking of a gentleman and fun, David Walliams has got it all. Britain’s Got Talent is fun and entertainment because of him. He is playful, funny, and nice. Even if he doesn’t like the acts, he still gives nice comments to the contestants. For example, “I’m so sorry it is a no today”. Never gives bad comments which makes him a very great judge in his own way. A show like this needs some fun, and David is the perfect person for that.

8Melanie Brown

image: CNN

Best known as Mel B, she is one of the best judges on reality shows. She gives fair and great judgments on singers because she has been in a singing career since she was young. Mel is an adorable judge who is patient and nice to every contestant out there. A lot of people like her, and she makes an incredible judge on America’s Got Talent.

9Adam Levine

image: Today

Here we have a judge from The Voice, and Adam Levine is a cool guy. This main vocalist from Maroon 5 is a fun and amazing judge. Things get even better and more awesome when he tries to get the contestant to choose him as their coach. Adam is so chilling and hilarious since he is a very nice judge on the show. If you are a fan of The Voice, let us know who is your most favorite judge.

10Louis Walsh

He is people’s favorite judge because he is so nice to everyone. He always laughs as well, and the show needs him just like David. Louis gives sweet comments even if the acts are not too good to be accepted. On America’s Got Talent, he makes a great partner with Sharon which turns the show even more fun. He is also a judge on X Factor, and a former judge on Britain’s Got Talent.