7 Vitamins For Healthy Nails


You know you need to eat some more vitamins for healthy nails when your fingernails start breaking off so often. When your fingernails are not so healthy like they used to be, they tend to break off very easily. It is very important to add proper and enough nutrients to our diet to keep our nails healthy. The effective vitamins in growing nails are Vitamin B7, Biotin, Iron, and more. Today, we bring you some vitamins in food that help maintain healthy and strong nails. If your fingernails keep breaking, you should consider eating more of the food that consists of the vitamins below.


Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that promotes healthy cell growth and aids in metabolism. This vitamin is essential for nail growth, and they also help strengthen your brittle fingernails as well. The thing is that biotin is rare, but it exists in many types of food that you can consume every day. Your fingernails will no longer be brittle, and they also grow better with biotin. Healthy food, healthy nails; simple as that.

Food: Liver, egg yolk, dairy products, yeast, salmon, avocado, sweet potato, cucumbers, oats, raspberries nuts, seeds, cauliflower, etc.

2Folic Acid

Do you know that nails are the fastest-growing cells of our human body? With folic acid aka vitamin B9, health and moisture will be fully provided to the growing tissues. That will make your nails grow faster and healthier which is exactly what you want. The good thing is that this type of vitamin exists in many types of vegetables and fruit that you can easily find. You might want to start going grocery shopping for them now.

Food: Beetroots, eggs, citrus fruits, avocado, spinach, etc.


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The importance of iron is many, it composes of the center of red blood cells that carry oxygen to your organs and your nails. You need iron to maintain not just the health of the nails but also their appearance and shape. If you have an iron deficiency, the shape and appearance of your nails will not be normal. The advice is to consume food rich in vitamin C together with a plant-based iron food source. That helps to improve the absorption of both nutrients better so that you won’t have to worry about not having healthy nails anymore.

Food: Beef, chicken, fish, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, peanuts, beans, fortified food, and seeds.


Being one of the best vitamins for healthy nails, magnesium is a mineral involved in over 300 reactions in your body. If you notice vertical ridges in your nails, that means it is a sign of a magnesium deficiency. Adequate magnesium intake is crucial to prevent vertical ridges in your nails as well as the formation of new nails. If you are a fan of snacks and vegetables, magnesium won’t be difficult to regain back to your body.

Food: Dark green leafy vegetables, quinoa, almonds, cashews, peanuts, edamame, black beans, whole wheat, etc.

5Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We might think that fats are bad for health, but not all fats are bad. The perfect example is omega-3 fatty acids, they keep your keratinocytes healthy so that you can grow long and strong nails. These acids also reduce inflammation in your nail bed which nourishes and promotes the health of cells that rise your nail plate. Lack of omega-3 fatty acids could contribute to dry and brittle nails.

Food: Salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, sardines, walnuts, soy, eggs, chia seeds, flaxseeds, etc.


Our body needs protein because it helps in so many ways from our health down to our nails. Nails are made of a fibrous structural protein known as keratin that gives nails their strength and resilience. Keratin also protects your nails from damage or stress as well, so eating enough protein is essential. Having enough protein in your diet will help with boosting keratin production which creates strong and healthy nails. With enough protein, you will get both healthy nails and a healthy body which is simply good.

Food: Soy, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs, legumes, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, etc.


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Lack of zinc can lead to slow growth or even abnormal discolorations of your nails which is not so nice. Zinc is an important mineral for many biochemical reactions involved in the growth and division of cells that produce fingernails, skin, and hair. On top of that, it plays an important role in the formation of your connective tissues. Since zinc is a nutrient active in helping the immune system function, you should consume more of it.

Food: Cashews, green beans, lean beef, lobster, oysters, soybeans, flax seeds, spinach, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, etc.

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