8 Benefits of Pineapple For Your Health


Pineapple is one of the popular fruit for summer, and there are many benefits of pineapples to our bodies. Despite the fact that pineapples are not really smooth and attractive, it is the inside that counts at the end of the day. The truth is that pineapples are comprised of many berries that fuse and form together around a core. That is why pineapples are so rich in nutrients and beneficial to our health. Just a few slices every day, and you will improve many parts of your body. So let’s take a look at the 8 benefits of pineapples with us and see if it is really true.


Eating always involves calorie consumption, but you won’t have to worry about that with pineapples. They do have sugar, but it is natural, unlike the amount that you consume from cookies and fizzy drinks. Plus, pineapples have no fat at all which is exactly the bonus part to know about. You can eat pineapples as much as you like, and the only thing that you will gain is nutrition.

2Highly Nutritious

The awesome thing about pineapples is that they have large amounts of manganese which helps with antioxidant defenses. At the same time, pineapples are also a huge source of vitamin C and thiamine which is a B vitamin. Such vitamins help your body produce energy to keep you active and more energetic. The perfect way to eat pineapples is to keep the slices in the fridge, they are super fresh and delicious to eat that way.

3Keep Digestion On Track

Pineapples have plenty of dietary fiber which is very good for helping your digestive system. Consuming pineapples regularly will keep your digestive system running smoothly. Some people might worry that pineapples are like other rich-fiber fruits and vegetables which are hard to digest. Pineapples are different in the fact that they contain large amounts of an enzyme called Bromelain. This enzyme has the power to process protein quickly which leads to better and more efficient digestion. That is very good for your health and body, and that is one of the benefits of pineapples that you should know.

4Keep Eyes Healthy

Carrots are good for the eyes, but pineapples are even better. Eating more pineapples will reduce the chances of having macular degeneration as you age by keeping your eyes working optimally. We all know that it is a technology era where people spend most of their time on smart devices like phones and laptops. If you cannot protect your eyes physically, try eating healthy fruit that can help from the inside like pineapples is also good.

5Lowers Risks Of Blood Clots

For those who travel a lot, especially by plane, pineapples are also helpful to your health as well. The enzyme from pineapples helps keep the blood from coagulating excessively. If you are at risk for blood clots, eating more pineapples is a very perfect solution to reduce that. In some countries in Asia, pineapples are served as desserts after the meal to encourage people to eat healthier fruit. So don’t forget to add pineapples to your list of shopping next time!

6Reduces Inflammation

We have discussed Bromelain in the previous part already, and this enzyme does more than help in digestion. Bromelain reduces inflammation and reduces the growth of tumors, according to the studies. Unbelievable as it sounds for a fruit, nothing is stronger than building nutrients in your body. That is why you should eat more pineapples because they are super healthy and beneficial to your health.

7Strengthen Bones

Our body needs manganese to keep the bones strong and healthy, and that is just what pineapples have. In just one serving of pineapple, you will get almost your full daily needs for manganese. This substance is very important for keeping bones and connective tissues strong. Studies and research have shown that pineapple is also a fantastic agent in preventing osteoporosis. With so many benefits of pineapples, you really should add them in your daily diet plan.

8Supports Healthy Immune System

Simply eat pineapple daily and you can get half of the FDA’s daily recommendation of vitamin C without trying to find the food. Pineapples contain antioxidant fighting power plus that protects you from heart disease. It makes your immune system stronger and healthier, and you can eat them anytime you are free every day. Pineapples are a healthy fruit that you can easily find, so why not?

That is not all, there are a few more benefits of pineapples that you should know. That includes helping to reduce the mucus in your throat when you are sick. No matter what way you slice it, eating pineapples daily is a very good idea for the benefits to your health and body. Eat them with your friends and family, and stay healthy together!

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