7 Things You Should Never Eat When Drinking Beer


It is always fun to spend Friday nights and the weekends out drinking beer with friends or family. There are snacks and things that we eat as we drink, but everything we do comes with caution. There are certain things that we should not eat when we drink beer for the fact that it could harm our health. Some food does not show effects immediately, but certain habits can lead to unhealthy routines which can make you sick. Things can get worst in some serious cases. So here are a few things that you should avoid consuming when drinking beer.


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It is so common for many people to drink beer and alcohol while barbecuing. The thing is that meat lost its nutrition after barbecuing while increasing the chance of cancer even more. So when you drink beer in the company of barbecued meat, the likeliness of having health problems is high. That is because alcohol can cause the enlargement of your digestive system which means harmful elements can easily be absorbed into the body.


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Short and easy, carrots can lead to liver disease when you can consume them too much with beer. Carrots are good for health due to the vitamins, but everything changes when beer is present. So let’s be the beer lovers that don’t like eating carrots as snacks when drinking.

3Dairy Products

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From cheese slices to butter and milk, dairy products are a dangerous combination with alcohol. Dairy products are already tough to digest, let alone mix with beer as you drink at night. Doing that too often can cause indigestion and heartburn which are absolutely dangerous for health. At the same time, you should always avoid cheese-rich food like pizza or pasta since the results are not different.

4Fizzy Drinks

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That includes beverages that contain gas like coke or soda. It is not really a thing for people to drink beer and then consume fizzy drinks right after. Maybe just a small percentage of beer drinkers will do it, and it is dangerous. Fizzy drinks make your body absorb alcohol way faster which can affect your liver. In case you love the combination of both, try to eat more green vegetables on your daily diet to keep your liver healthy.


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It is not that you take medicine with beer instead of water, no one would do it. The advice is not to take medicine immediately right after drinking beer even if it is with water. You should wait an hour or two after drinking beer before taking medicine. No one knows what reaction your body will cause when beer meets the medicine. And that goes the same with other alcoholic drinks, so be aware of that.

6Raw Fish

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Many people enjoy eating raw fish with alcohol as they go the restaurants. Little did you know that eating like that will cause the loss of vitamin B1 in your body. That will lead to tiredness and other discomforts in the body when this eating habit occurs regularly. Try not to adopt this eating habit too often to stay healthy.


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It is not just the sausages alone, other preserved food or salty food is also what should avoid. The combination of these types of food with beer can lead to digestive system problems or cancer. That includes cancers of the esophagus, gallbladder and biliary tract, stomach, small intestine, and more. Sausages and chips are delicious snacks, but try not to eat them too often when drinking beer and alcohol.

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