8 Ugliest Cat Breeds People Have As Pets


What first comes into your mind the moment you see the word ugliest cat breeds? How do you define a cat as ugly? Funny as it sounds, there are many people who fall in love with cats that are considered ugly. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder after all, and today we will take a look at something different. Nothing cute and adorable to see this time but some information about the ugliest cat breeds in our beautiful world. Cats are adorable and all, but these ugly cat breeds in our list today will take you to another world. So let’s see if you know any of these cat breeds we provide you in the list below.


Origin: United States

Born from the experimental breed between Sphynx and Munchkin in 2005, we have a Bambino. The body of the Bambino is hairless, greasy, and wrinkled while its legs are short and stubby. Also, their body is long while their tail is also very long. The beautiful yet scary part of these cats is the colors of their eyes. Usually, Bambino has eyes of two different colors that stare into your soul.

The good side is that these ugly cats are very affectionate, lively, friendly, and intelligent. They are also good with everyone around them as well, especially kids. Bambinos love to be cuddled on the laps by their hooman family members, and they are very fun to be around. Playful indeed, these cats are one of the popular breeds that pet owners love to have at home.


Origin: Russia

The one thing that you can easily differentiate between Donskoy and Sphynx is that Donskoy is hairless, and they have wrinkled skin. The breed began in 1987 when Elena Kovaleva rescued a tiny kitten from the kids who used it in a bag as a football. The cat could not grow hair, and she gave birth to kittens with a mix of little hair and hairless. Then Irina Nemikina who was a professional breeder managed to create a whole new breed known as Donskoy.

It is on the list of ugliest cat breeds due to the fact that the cat has a wiry and rat-liked tail along with a smooth pig belly. Donskoys are friendly, inquisitive, affectionate, and intelligent, and they are also very easy to train. This breed of cats demands a lot of attention and interaction which means you cannot leave them alone for a long time. If you want a cat who is as loyal as a dog yet sheds no hair, Donskoy is the dream cat that you seek.


Origin: United States

I did a lot of research to make sure that Dwelf is not the same as Elf Cat, and that is true. So Dwelf Cats were the result of mixing Munchkin, American Curl, and Sphinx together. And the name Dwelf comes from the combination of Dwarf and Elf. These cats have elf-like features and dwarf-like stature, and no doubt why they are on the list of ugliest cat breeds.
Many people said that Dwelf is like a dog because they are very sociable and love interacting with people. The cats are also friendly, intelligent, and active which means they are very fun to be around. These cats are also very playful, and they are perfect for families with children and other pets who have time to play with them.

4Elf Cat

Origin: United States

People always joke that Elf Cat is what the baby of Star Wars Yoda and Harry Potter’s Dobby looks like. Elf Cat is a very new and extremely rare hybrid of Sphynx and American Curl as you can see. Karen Nelson and Kristen Leedom are the creators of this breed, and the cats have a sturdy and athletic build which is a plus.

The downside is they are among the ugliest cat breeds due to their hairless appearance with curled ears. Their bodies are greasy, bald, and wrinkled, and being hairless makes them get cold or hot easily. Despite their look, at least these cats are intelligent, friendly, outgoing, and affectionate. Not to mention that they are loyal, these cats are great buddies to have at home. If you are going to adopt one, make sure to give them a sponge bath regularly to keep them from getting oily and sticky.


Origin: United States

The name comes from the combination of Miniature and Skin, and their appearance says it all. So Paul MacSorley wanted to have a cat with points of fur similar to the color points on a Siamese. In 1998, he crossed a hairless Sphynx with a Munchkin, then a Burmese with Devon Rex. Two years later, he achieved his breeding of Minskin; and kept breeding until there were 50 new cats in 2005.

In spite of the fact that the breeding is among the ugliest cat breeds in the world, Minskin also has its good sides. These cats are very engaging and affectionate, and they love people and children so much. Just like dogs, they will absolutely run to the door to greet you when you come home. Minskins are also good with dogs and other felines, and they love snuggling.


image: BasePaws

Origin: Russia

Peterbald is a cat breed created from an experimental breeding by Olga S. Mironova in 1994. This cat breed was quickly popular throughout St. Petersburg which results in its name Peterbald. There are 5 different variations of the cat’s coats including Bald, Flock or Chamois, Velour, Brush, and Straight. This breed lacks hair which means they don’t require combing or brushing at all. However, what Peterbald really needs is temperature control since they get cold very easily. This type of cat breed prefers to stay indoors since it keeps them cozy and warm.

As for the characteristics, Peterbalds are very outgoing, inquisitive, and trusting. They can get along well easily with other animals, children, and even strangers. Not to mention that they are highly athletic, active, and bold, no doubt why many people love to have them as pets at home. You can spend hours walking and playing with this cat breed, and they will never get bored of you at all.


Origin: Toronto, Canada

The breed of this cat came into existence in 1966 from the successful breeding of a hairless cat named Prune. Actually, Sphynx is not truly hairless, it is just that they are not as fluffy as regular cats we know. Also, the color of their skin is the same as the color of their fur should be if they have any. Because Sphynx does not have so much hair, they are an oily mess with a lot of earwax. That means they need regular sponge baths along with special clothes when it is cold.

It is weird for the fact that being one of the ugliest cat breeds, Sphynx is still popular among pet owners. Although Sphynx is nothing alike the Great Sphinx of Giza, these ugly cats are still famous. They are sociable, loving, and playful despite their grumpy face. In case you think these cats don’t have hair they don’t cause allergies, think again before you adopt one. If you are allergic to cats, Sphynx is also not an exception.

8Ukrainian Levkoy

Origin: Russia

Half dog half cat appearance makes Ukrainian Levkoy one scary cat breed to look at. The breed is compared to the kitty of Frankenstein since it is the experimental breed that results in an unpleasing look. It all started when Russian breeder Elena Vsevolodovna Birjukova attempted a cross that involved the bald Donskoy and the Scottish Fold. The breeding results in Ukrainian Levkoy with the hairless trait of the Donskoy and the folded-ear trait of the Scottish Fold.

If you look at the bright side, Ukrainian Levkoy is actually very friendly, active, and intelligent. This cat breed craves company, and these cats are perfect companions with children and other house pets. Levkoy is thought to be healthy and resilient, but you still need to pay a lot of attention to them.

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