5 Types Of Colleagues You Should Avoid


Life does not go the way we want it to which is why we won’t always meet good people. In a workplace, there are some types of colleagues that you should avoid. These people bring nothing but bad influence and negative effects to you, they are not worth getting close with. Some of us might have met such people already, and you might know the consequences. And to those who haven’t, read and learn about these 5 types of people. Let us know if you think there are more than 5 bad types of colleagues to avoid.

1Actors / Actresses

I don’t know if this type of person exists up north, but we have plenty of them in Asia. This is the person who fishes for attention and goodness in front of other people. They tend to be so dramatic and sad, they even cry when it comes to problems. They will accept every mistake even if they don’t do it to make people think that they are good. Who’s the bad person? You.

2Fault Finders

There are times when your little mistakes are known by your boss. That is when you know you have personal reporters who find your faults and let the boss know. This type of person will use all their eyes to catch your flaws and report them. If they hate you this much, they are not afraid to have you fired. They always have their eye on you, and that is not a good type of colleague at all. We can’t be perfect, but we can talk to or show that person we know what their intention is. That might back them off somehow. Let’s say, you won’t meet this type of person at work because that would be bad news.

3Finger Pointer

And we have the type of person who always puts the blame on you no matter what the problem is. Whether you did it or not, you will the person point their finger and pour all the blames on you.

Who damaged the printer? “It was Jessica.” Who left these papers all over the place? “It was Jessica.” Who left the toilet seat up? “There are a lot of people, but I think it was probably Jessica.”

One day you will lose your job and be hated by people for something you didn’t do because of that person.


There are 2 types of gossipers. The one who tells you about people’s stories, and the one who asks you about people’s stories then drag you to gossipland. Neither of them is good for you, well unless you enjoy gossiping sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, we have all been through gossiping. But if that person can talk about other people behind their back, they will do the same behind yours. You can enjoy gossiping with them, but avoid telling your problems to them. That might be the next topic for them to gossip with other people, you never know.


Well, you know, the person who acts good and all nice in front of you but talks behind your back. It might be difficult to find out the true side of this kind of person. And that my friend, is why you should not be too open with personal information to people at work. There are people that you thought you could trust who stab you behind your back. If you don’t know that person long enough to trust them, don’t give them too much information about your life.

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