10 Romantic Love Lock Destinations Around The World


Love is a beautiful thing, and one of the most romantic and sweetest ways to express it is by locking love padlocks. We are talking about the love lock areas where you can go lock your padlock as a sign of eternal love. Normally, couples lock their love padlocks to public objects, most of which are bridges, to symbolize their infinite affection. After they locked the padlocks, they throw the keys away into the river or lake above the bridge. Love locks have become so popular among couples all over the world, so let’s take a look at the most famous love lock destinations with us.

1Butcher’s Bridge

Where: Slovenia

Lies in the heart of Slovenia, this new pedestrian bridge is one among the sweet love lock destinations for couples. Located in the capital city, Butcher’s Bridge is a place where countless lovers have placed their love padlocks since 2010. Along the steel wire railings of the bridge, you will find many padlocks with different colors and names locked neatly. You can buy a padlock from souvenir shops nearby, and this beautiful love bridge will be the place to hold your eternal love.

2Casa di Giulietta

Where: Italy

Italy, the country of love stories also has a romantic place for couples to lock their love padlocks as well. Located in Verona, we are here at Juliet’s house where the fantasy has collided with the legend and reality of Romeo and Juliet. At the house of Juliet, people affix their love locks to the gate and write their names on the walls. Tourists can also get inside the house for about $8 each so that they can photos on the balcony from Juliet’s room. This place is worth going to, and perhaps a perfect place to lock your love locks as well.

3Covent Garden

Where: London, England

Covent Garden is a popular shopping center and tourist site that is full of fascinating sights to see. One of the famous spots that many couples look forward to visiting is the sculptures of love. The sculptures were made from a steel framework for couples to attach their padlocks. The sculptures were a part of the British Heart Foundation, and locking the padlocks helped raise a lot of funds back then. Isn’t that a lovely thing to do since you can affix your eternal love while generating funds to help other people at the same time?

4Fengyuan Train Station

Where: Taiwan

At Fengyuan train station in Taiwan, there is a bridge that can be found over the train tracks of the city’s train station. Just like most locks, there are names, wishes, and other things written on them before placing the locks on the bridge. The area is known as the place that guards love for all couples who fixed their padlocks there. Legend has it that when the train passes, its magnetic energy on the tracks will cause the energy to make the dreams come true.

5Hohenzollern Bridge

Where: Germany

The lovelock fixing tradition on this bridge began in 2008 when people started to place their love padlocks between footpaths and railway lines. There are more than tens of thousands of couples and friends who come to fix their padlocks on Hohenzollern Bridge. The beauty is the padlocks that are in different colors and shapes that somehow adorn the bridge with uniqueness. Many of the padlocks have been engraved, painted, and designed with names, quotes, and more. The estimated weight of the padlocks is over two tonnes, and of course, still counting.

6Love Bell

Where: Enoshima, Japan

Located on Enoshima Island, Love Bell is one of the most romantic spots to place your love locks. The sweetest part is that couples write their names, dates, and a short message before ringing the bell and locking the lock pads. This romantic island and place involve a love story between a goddess and a dragon.

According to the myth, the goddess created this island to imprison a five-headed sea dragon who was wreaking havoc. The sea dragon then fell in love with the goddess, and some versions said that they got married. The dragon promised to change his ways, and the couple was a symbol of unconditional love since then.

Facing the sea, Love Bell is surrounded by several fences where couples go to lock their love. The couples will ring the bell together while making a wish for their relationship and love. Then they will lock their couple-designed padlocks to the fence before walking to the sea and tossing the keys away.

There are also heart-shaped wooden prayer boards for couples who visit the island to purchase as well. You can buy the board, write your prayers and wishes on the back, and leave it hanging at the shrine. Japanese people believe that their prayers will be heard, and all their wishes will come true. Isn’t that a nice and unique way to express and celebrate your relationship?

7Luzhkov Bridge

Where: Moscow

Just like the ones in Korea, there are also artificial love trees that couples can lock their padlocks on as well. The only difference is that the trees are not on the building but on the bridge across Vodootvody Canal. The trees are made from iron, and they are strong enough to hold the load of the locks. Each tree has thousands of locks by now, perhaps your love locks can be one among the others as well.

The great thing is that unlike bridges in Paris or Brooklyn, you won’t have to worry that they will remove your love locks at all. Plus, there is also no fear of the bridge collapsing due to the weight of the locks as well. At the same time, Russia has this tradition of newly married couples kissing on a bridge on their wedding day. This is one of the best love lock destinations for couples, and you might want to fix your love locks there.

8Most Ljubavi

Where: Serbia

Known as one of the earliest mentions of the love padlock tradition, this pedestrian bridge is also a great love lock destination as well. Along the railing of the bridge, there are many padlocks that symbolize the everlasting love of many couples. The history of the love padlocks dates back more than 100 years ago with a touching love story.

In the 1900s, there was a local schoolmistress whose name was Nada who fell in love with Reija, a Serbian officer. Then he went to war in Greece, and fell in love with another woman there in 1915. So Nada and Reija broke up, and Nada died some other time later as a result of her unfortunate love. After that, many young girls started writing down their names on padlocks and fixing them on the bridge where the couple used to meet.

By doing so, they believed that they could protect their love and keep their lovers committed to them. Since then, people began to bind their love with love padlocks to the very bridge. This bridge of love has thousands of love locks, while the river below has thousands of keys that the couple threw into.

9Mt. Huangshan

Where: China

Why bridges when you can fix your love locks on one of the fences on a very high mountain? The special part about locking your padlocks up there is the commitment and patience of climbing the mountain itself. Climbing up the steep mountain of Huangshan is not an easy task, but it is totally worth it once you are there. That represents the amount of devotion that the couples are willing to do together in their relationship.

There is actually a fascinating story about love on this mountain that inspires couples to come and fix their love lock. There was a couple who jumped into the deep cliff from the mountain in order to reunite their souls. It was this beautiful girl who fell in love with a poor young whom her father disapproved of. Since her father did not want her to live a poor life, he forced her to marry to a rich man. On the wedding day, the poor man and the girl ran away to Huangshan Mountain and jumped into the cliff together.

Apart from the love promises, there are also locks for family’s happiness and locks for kids’ health as well. From the base of the mountain to the top, the decoration along the sides is phenomenal. The view up there is also breathtaking as well which is totally worth the effort. The area is known for its scenery, beautiful sunrise and sunset, pine trees, winter snow, and many more. There are hotels and guest houses that accommodate visitors who want to stay overnight, it is so worth the adventure.

10N Seoul Tower

image: befreetour

Where: Seoul

There is an area in Seoul where lovers are free to lock their love locks with no fear of them being removed. N Seoul Tower is a famous tower in Seoul where there are 7 artificial Love Trees for couples to fix their padlocks. The trees are designed with the potential to hold the weight of the locks and to bear the padlock burden. There is also a key bin that you can keep the keys in as well since there is no river above to throw the keys in. This second-highest point in Seoul has four floors, and the love lock area is on the second floor. After fixing the locks, couples, friends, and family can take a tour of each floor and experience different views. The sight is more breathtaking at night, this place is highly recommended.

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