10 Fun Festivals Across The World


You know you are in the fun festivals when there are thousands or even millions of people gathering and celebrating. There are not so many fun festivals that you can find across the globe. If you found one, it will totally create an unforgettable memory in your chapter of life. Some festivals take a couple of days of celebration while others are less or more than that. With happiness and laughter have been shared, we are here to introduce you to 10 fun festivals in the world. Each festival that you will see is full of excitement and joy, and you will surely love to participate and be a part of it.

1Boryeong Mud Festival

image: Jirka Matousek

Country: South Korea
When: June

This is the festival that was born in order to promote cosmetic products, could you believe that?!? That is because each beauty product displayed is made from Boryeoung mud flats as a main ingredient. As you can see, their marketing strategy is pretty effective because the festival is so popular among South Koreans. Instead of spending money on commercials, the company started the Boryeong Mud Festival instead.

The purpose is to make the customers understand the benefits of special mud to their beauty. The festival is popular because it has everything that participants can enjoy like mudslides, mud prisons, mud pools, and mud skiing. The awesome thing is that this festival does not only attract local people but also international visitors. Such a new experience that involves beauty, so why not join?

2Carnival of Venice

Country: Italy
When: February or March

Here we have another Carnival, but in Italy; yet the fun is still the same. The Carnival of Venice has been celebrated for more than 900 years now, and it is a very unique festival somehow. The people in Venice will come out of their houses wearing masks along with colorful garments and clothes. Doing so is to create a sense of the festival that brings up the spirit of the festival. Apart from people in masks, you will also see jugglers and entertainers everywhere on the street. As for the waterways of the canal, it comes alive with lights and beauty and colorful feelings of the festival. Interestingly unique, this festival is one experience that you should see at least once.

3Day Of The Dead

Country: Mexico
When: 31st October to 2nd November

There have been two famous animated movies filmed based on the Day of the Dead, and it is surely a famous festival. The fabulous thing about this festival is that it is a Mexican holiday throughout the country. Meaning everyone will celebrate and pray during the festival. On that day, people will come together for the family and friends whom they have lost or died. Then, they visit the graves of their loved ones and pray for them.

Also, there will be lights in the grave followed by sugar skulls, marigolds, and food. For family members, they have their private altars at home known as ofrendas where they put the photos of the dead. It is believed that their ancestors will receive their offerings and stay healthy in the land of the dead when they are remembered. The culture is very interesting and beautiful, and this festival is totally one among the best.


Country: India
When: March

The Festival of Colors or Love, Holi is a Hindu festival that involves a lot of color throwing, dancing, and enjoying the peak. The festival begins with the lighting of the Holika bonfire on the eve of Holi. For the next day, it is all about water and dry colors as they celebrate this fun festival. To make things even more fun, people also use water guns and colored water-filled balloons. The awesome thing is you don’t have to be a local to participate, everyone is welcome to join Holi. People throw water and colors at each other, and there are no strangers in this festival. Holi signifies the victory of good over evil, and it is definitely one of the best.

5La Tomatina

Country: Spain
When: August

If you plan to throw tomatoes at people without being angry at, join La Tomatina. This is the festival where people throw tomatoes at each other along with the tomato-streaked different slides. The history of this festival goes back the year of 1975, and it is also known as one of the oldest festivals on our list today. This festival was banned for 7 years in 1950, but later was allowed again with even more fun and excitement. On top of that, there are also amazing water showers with dancing and engaging in unlimited fun. La Tomatina is full of joy, and it is also a huge tourism boost for the country as well.


image: Bloomberg

Country: Germany
When: September to October

If you are a beer lover, you will definitely love Oktoberfest since it is the world’s largest beer festival. This festival is celebrated every year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany; for 16 days starting in late September to the first weekend in October. We all know who will be there at the festival, and there are about 6 million beer lovers joining the festival each year.

Since the festival is all about beer, you will find yourself surrounded by gorgeous waitresses serving the drink. The music is on a full roll, and heaven is right there in Oktoberfest. Each celebration equals a total consumption of 7 million liters of beer along with chickens and giant pretzels. Fun like that shouldn’t be missed at all, so how about packing to Germany this September?

7Pingxi Lantern

Country: Taiwan
When: February or March

With the purpose of fighting evils and diseases in town, Pingxi Lantern is one beautiful festival to celebrate. When releasing the lanterns into the sky, the people believe that the town is safe from all the evil and disease that will harm them. As for the lanterns, people decorate them with their wishes and images before sending them to the sky. As you can see, the whole sky is filled with beautiful lanterns, and such scenery is absolutely mesmerizing to see. Began since Qing Dynasty, Pingxi Lantern is still popular nowadays and people celebrate it across the country.

8Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Country: Brazil
When: February or March

Carnival is one of the most famous and exciting festivals in the world, and it is celebrated every year in Brazil. Approximately, there are about 2 million people taking part in this festival of 5 fun days of celebrations. Carnival first began in 1823, and it is all about the parades which include revelers, floats, and adornments. At the same time, there are also samba schools in Rio that contribute to the festival.

Actually, Carnival is a religious celebration that is celebrated in February or March for a total of 5 days. It is around the Catholic season of Lent that starts exactly 40 days before Easter and ends on Ash Wednesday. There are music and dancing, and there are always new things to see and experience at the Carnival each year. Totally recommended for everyone to experience it at least once.

9Songkran Water

image: Pinterest

Country: Thailand
When: April

The best way to celebrate New Year in a very hot season is by splashing water, and that is what this festival is all about. Songkran is a festival in Thailand that is celebrated each year to wave away bad luck from the past year through the water. The interesting thing is that there will be also elephants to splash water on the people during the festival as well. Thai people celebrate Songkran Water almost everywhere in the country, but the biggest one is in Chiang Mai. Apart from splashing water, there are also loud music, beauty contests, and more fun activities. Just like Holi, there are no strangers; the festival is all about fun.

10White Nights Festival

Country: Russia
When: May to July

White nights festival is an annual international arts festival that is all about opera and music. During the festival, you will see stunning dance performances from Russian dancers along with more things. Those include singers, musicians, and actors that will take turns to entertain the audience with their awesome performances. There are also international performances that you can find almost anywhere in Russia. The festival has more than 1 million participants, a majority of which are students from thousands of schools and colleges. It is one of the most exciting and fun festivals in the world, and it is worth joining.

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