Red Flag: 5 Signs He Is Not The Right Man For You


Relationship sucks when you meet the wrong person, and it sucks even more to not realize that. There are signs he is a red flag that you should notice. Being with the wrong person is a waste of time, and you have to move on eventually. Read the signs below and see if you are with the right person. And if you are, congratulations on being so lucky. There are unfortunate girls out there who spent time with jerks, don’t be that girl. So let’s see what we have on the list today.


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If the person drinks beer or wine instead of water in their daily living, you should consider things again. In case the person is willing to change, you might be able to work on that together. But if not, you should be careful about them. An alcoholic tends to cause violence and worse which is unexpected to be with. They might have done good things to you before, but an alcoholic shouldn’t be the person you spend the rest of your life with.


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When you’re having problems or when you’re sad, your partner should be the first person to care. If he does not, he is not the right person for you. Lovers should be there for each other in both good and bad times. He has to be the shoulder for you to cry on when you’re down. If he leaves you alone most of the time without paying attention to any of your problems, you should move on.

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If the person cannot accept the fact that you have already moved on and still bugging your past relationship, leave. A good man will know how to live in the present instead of digging into your bad experience from the past. And if he keeps on getting mad about your previous relationship, let him go. If he does it now, he will do it in the future with other problems as well. We all have bad pasts, and the right person will understand that the past stays in the past.


It is right to love yourself, but if someone loves himself so much to the point he becomes selfish, run. There are unpredictable things that selfish people can hurt you and your feelings which is bad. Do you know other things those selfish pricks do? They always want to be right and win the whole thing unreasonably. People like this cannot accept the truth and apologize. You have to know that you can’t please anyone, and selfish people will never appreciate what you do for them.


Say no to a stingy person because living with that person is worse than living with your parents. No offense. Well, our parents limit our expenses, but we still get extra from them. But living with a stingy person, you will get nothing. We need expenses going on in the house, and this type of person considers every little detail before spending. This is a no no.

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