10 Most Remote Islands In The World


Even the most remote islands in the world still have people residing there. Despite the distance and difficulties in transportation and stuff, the islands are nice to live on still. Let’s travel a bit far with us to see these beautiful islands that locate somewhere isolated today. There are 10 of them, some have residents living there while the others don’t.

1Bear Island

Where: Norway

Bear Island locates very far from the southern part of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway, and its highest peak is known as Miseryfjellet. The size of the island is about 178 square kilometers on the Barents sea. Found by Netherlander explorers, Willem Barents and Jacob Van Heemskerk on the 10th of June, 1596, the given name has an interesting story. As they see the island, the swimming polar bear was also in their sight which leads to the given name Bear Island. Before, there were people who did mining, coaling, fishing, and whale fishing, but it lasted for only a couple of years. Now, there are only several men who work at the weather station live there.

2Easter Island

Where: Chile

Here we have a very isolated island in the world with a distance of 3,600 kilometers from Chile. The journey to the island takes a long time, and it is worth it if you are willing to visit there. Easter Island is known for the 887 awesome and mysterious Moai statues. Each statue weighs about 14 tons, and they were built by the ancestors of Rapa Nui who had lived on the island. In 1995, Easter Island was listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO which is protected by Rapa Nui National Park.


Where: Ecuador

The birth of this beautiful island is from the volcanic eruption, and it size is about 173 square kilometers. The highest peak of the island is Cerro Pajas at the height of 640 meters. There are around 100 people living on the island, and you will find only one hotel and one phone there!

4Macquarie Island

Where: Australia

If you love penguins, this is the number one island that you should visit someday. The journey to the island is about 1000 kilometers from New Zealand though. The island is between New Zealand and Antarctica, and is controlled by the government of Tasmania. In 1997, it was listed in World Heritage site. The population of the island is less than 100 people.

5Pitcairn Islands

Where: United Kingdom

There are less than 100 people living on this small remote island that locates in the southern Pacific. The size of the island is only about 47 square kilometers, and the capital of it is Adamstown.

6Raoul Island

image: Teara

Where: New Zealand

Not only remote but also an actively volcanic and earthquake area, this island is not a nice choice of place to live. Despite the danger, Raoul Island is beautiful and has natural life just like other islands. If you look from above, the shape of the island is like the head of a prehistoric bird which is cool. The latest volcanic eruption was on 17th of March in 2006 while the last earthquake was in 2011.

7South Keeling

Where: Australia

AKA Cocos Islands, it is the island of Australia that locates in the Indian Ocean between Australia and Sri Lanka. Charles Darwin landed there before, and he quoted “it is surely the most wonderful object of this world”. That’s what he said, the islands are super awesome and beautiful. There are about 600 residents living on the islands and using Australian currency.

8St Kilda

Where: United Kingdom

This is the most isolated archipelago in the UK. No one lives on the island since 1930 after 36 islanders abandoned the place. Back then, people were struggling to live while there were illnesses and food shortages. After they left, the only remained things are the creepy empty cottages along the empty streets.

9Tristan da Cunha

Where: United Kingdom

Controlled by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the capital of this island known as Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. The total size of the island is 207 square kilometers, and 98 of which is the size of the capital city. There are only a few hundreds of people living there, but the life on the island is nice. People drive on the left, and they use UK postal code.


image: SEAL

Where: France

Located on the east of Madagascar, this tiny island is owned by France. The story behind the island is really interesting. Back in 1760, the Utile which was an East India Company ship was shipwrecked there on their journey to Malaysia. Two months after the wreck, 120 French sailors had built a boat then set sail which was never seen again. Aboard the wrecked ship were 60 slaves that refused to leave. Around 15 years later, a rescue ship arrived and they found only 7 women and a baby on the very island.

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