10 Best Places To Camp Around The World


As travelers and campers, of course, you love to explore the best places to camp around the world. There are some specific countries and camping areas that will make camping a fun experience for you. You might go to different countries during your vacation, and these countries have great places for you to camp.

From wood campings to tree campings, here are the 10 best campsites recommended. Check out our list below and you will find the most spectacular places for exciting camping. Let us know which place is your most favorite!

1Amazon Rainforest

image: CIFOR

Where: Brazil

Life is an adventure, and that is why camping in the Amazon rainforest should be on your list. You can get there either by hiking or canoeing trips. The best months to camp in this rainforest is during the dry dry season which is from July to November. You should go there as a group because Amazon is a thick and big jungle. Getting a tour guide will make your trips way easier and safer. And in case you want to know about Amazon’s dangerous animals, click here.

2Boya Lake Provincial Park

Where: Canada

If you prefer camping around the lake, this is the right place for you. Boya Lake brings you a variety of activities to do while camping. It is one of a few lakes in the region that is warm enough for swimming. Besides, you can also explore the islands and bays there by canoe or motorboat as well. It also has two short hiking trails, a mountain bike trail, and beautiful landscapes for you to capture.

3Joshua Tree National Park

image: picryl

Where: USA

Joshua Tree is one of the best places that have giant boulders, surrounding mountains, and perfect landscapes. The name came from the abundant Joshua trees in the area. The place has just a great spot to camp. You can go there from mid-February to mid-May. But if you don’t like crowded camping, June to September will be a perfect time.

4Hossa National Park

Where: Finland

If you love fishing, camping in Hossa National Park will be a great choice. The place is surrounded by wild green forests and a crystal clear lake which is ideal for canoeing and fishing. Hossa is great for both family campings and group campings. It is also perfect for long hiking as well. You can go camping there from March to October, and you won’t regret it.

5Lake District National Park

Where: England

Since the park has the highest mountain in England, you will have a lot of outdoor activities and places to explore. Besides hiking, trekking, and camping, you can also visit towns and villages in the area. There are also many shops and galleries that have craft products and food for you to try. Everything there is affordable, and your holiday will be perfectly spent.

6Lake Myvatn

Where: Iceland

There were volcanic activities before, and that is when the beautiful landscape formed. There are many things that you can do in Lake Myvatn while camping there. You can go whale watching, Northern lights exploration, fishing, rafting, biking, hiking, and more. The temperature is great, the food is great, and you will have the greatest camping ever on your holiday.

7Sahara Desert

image: Pixabay

Where: Morocco

Camping in the desert is a whole new level of experience that you should try. It might be hot and sunny during the daytime journey to the desert. But once the sun sets, the temperature drops to a very low level. If you plan to camp there, be sure to prepare extra clothes to keep you warm. There you will have many activities to do including camel trekking, hiking, picnics, hammocks, and more. You’ll love it!

8The Alps

image: pxhere

Where: France

The Alps is the best camping site in Europe that you should not miss. During day time, you can hike and enjoy the view of different landscapes in the mountain. When the night comes, the sky filled with stars and the soft scent of evergreen will bring a relaxing atmosphere. Sitting under the campfire and enjoying the night make camping a great experience for you there.

9Vancouver Island

image: 604now

Where: British Columbia

There you can camp alongside lakes or rivers if you prefer. But you can also camp in the national park or provincial campgrounds as well. A lot of activities are available for you such as swimming, surfing, fishing, kayaking, watching the sunset, and more.


Where: Germany

Let’s take camping to a great level here on the tree in Waldseilgarten. The tents are hanging off the treetops, and yes they are safe. Also, in case you love extreme camping experiences you can choose the tents amongst huge cliffs.

However, if you visit there during winter, things will get even cooler. You will spend your nights in a hand-built igloo! You can go hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snow walking, and more. It sounds fun already.

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