10 Animals With More Than Two Eyes


Having 2 eyes is not that impressive in the animal kingdom for some animals have more than two eyes. These animals have multiple eyes that make them see better in order to catch prey better. What else? Those eyes also help them see the predators that want to attack them from various angles as well. Can you imagine you can see everything around you without moving your head? That is how cool these animals are. From animals with a few eyes to a hundred, we have 10 of them today. Take a look and see which animal has a lot of eyes below.

1Tuatara: 3 Eyes

Tuatara is a reptile that is known as a living fossil since many of its relatives are already extinct with the dinosaurs. You can find them in New Zealand, and a tuatara has 3 eyes. The third eye of the tuatara is on top of its head, but it is for vision. After they hatched, the eyes will be covered in scales and pigments about 6 months later. Even if the eye has retina, lens, cornea, and nerves, tuatara really doesn’t use it.

2Praying Mantis: 5 Eyes

You might think a praying mantis has only 2 gorgeous eyes, but think again. Actually, a praying mantis has 5 eyes. 2 big compound eyes that you can see, and 3 other tiny eyes in the middle of their head. The big eyes are for detecting movement, while the other 3 are for detecting light.

3Opabinia: 5 Eyes

image: Reddit

Opabinia (Sea Scorpion) is already extinct since the last decade. I just want to include it in so that you know about some amazing creatures that once roamed the world. However, this pre-historic creature also had more than 2 eyes, they had 5 eyes in total.

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4Starfish: 5+ Eyes

Usually, a starfish has an eye on each end of its arm. Not every starfish has 5 arms anyway, some of them have up to 8 or even more. That means the number of eyes of the starfish varies depending on the number of their arms. How they use it or how they see still remains a question nowadays.

5Horseshoe Crab: 10 Eyes

A horseshoe crab has 2 compound eyes that you can see on each side of its shell. There are also 3 other eyes on the shell, plus 2 more eyes in the front near their mouth. And, it’s not done yet. They also have eyes on their tails, so totally, a horseshoe crab has 10 eyes. Yes, 10 eyes!

6Spider: 8 -12 Eyes

Varies in species, some spiders have as many as 12 eyes, while most of them have 8 eyes. However, there are also some spiders that have no eyes at all. For those with eyes, only the pair in the front is capable of detecting directions. The other pairs of eyes of the spiders can only detect light.

7Scorpion: 10 -12 Eyes

Scorpions are arachnids just like spiders, so they also have more than 2 eyes. Usually, you can see 2 eyes on top of a scorpion’s head. There are also 5 more eyes along each side of their body as well. So totally, a scorpion can have up to 10-12 eyes.

8Box Jellyfish: 24 Eyes

This is the nightmare of the sea, and it has 24 eyes in total. A box jellyfish has 20 simple eyes that can only detect light and dark. There are also 4 more eyes that form images, so yeah, a box jellyfish has 24 eyes.

9Scallop: Up to 100 Eyes

You might have eaten countless scallops, and you might think they don’t have eyes. But actually, they do have eyes, and so many than you expected. One scallop can have from 50 to 100 eyes arranged along the edge of its mantle. As you can see, these eyes are very important because they let them know if there are threats approaching.

10Chiton: Up to 1000 Eyes

Have you ever heard of a chiton before? This creature has eyes of amazing rock crystal on the back of its shell. And you know, there are hundreds of them. A single chiton can have up to 1000 tiny eyes on its shell. Probably, this is the animal with the most eyes in the world since no one can top that.

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