Night Vision: 14 Nocturnal Birds That Can See At Night


It is absolutely difficult for humans to survive the night without any light source. However, these nocturnal birds aka birds that can see at night have amazing night vision. These birds use their gift in different tasks like hunting or migrating. Also, nocturnal birds rest during the daytime while camouflaging in the trees or burrows. They are likely to feel threatened in the daylight which results in tame and calm behavior. Take a look at this list, and you will see 16 common nocturnal birds that rule the night.

1Ashy Storm-Petrel

Ashy Storm-Petrel are actually coastal birds, and they only breed on offshore lands from Central California to Northern Baja.


image: Pixabay

Often mistaken for an owl, these nocturnal birds is actually a member of the nightjar family. Their stout bills make them look so adorable, and this picture says it all.


These large rotund parrots are flightless, and they are endemic to New Zealand. A kakapo has a large beak and large feet, and they are flightless ground-dwelling birds.


Here we have another flightless bird endemic to New Zealand that is also among the nocturnal birds. So curious and so unique, kiwi is one of the cutest birds to look at.

5Little Penguin

image: M Kuhn

The name says it all, these are the smallest penguin species in the family. You can find them on the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand, and they are super adorable.

6Night Heron

The nocturnal feeding groups of these birds has brought them this name. They sit motionless with their groups in thickets and trees during the day then feed during the night.

7Night Parrot

Unfortunately, night parrots are believed to be extinct. These nocturnal birds are only found in Australia, and there were only 25 specimens when they were last seen between 1845 and 1875.


Nightjars are strictly nocturnal, and their night visions are incredible. These birds hunt flying insects at night, and you can find them all around the world except for Antarctica.


A nighthawk is not a hawk, this species actually belong to the nightjar family. Sometimes they hunt flying insects during the day while some other times they do it during the night.


As for this one, it is related to frogmouths and nightjars. The word owlet only describes their characteristics that are similar to the owls but not their species.


When it comes to the birds that can see at night, owls definitely come into mind. So fierce-looking and so cute at the same time, owls are one majestic birds.


Very weird-looking, potoos have googly eyes that might make people think that they are related to owls. There are seven potoo species, and they are cousins to nightjars.


image: Leo

Also goes by the name of dikkops or thick-knees, stone-curlew are one interesting birds. You can find them in tropical and temperate parts throughout the world.


Search for woodcock walk, and you will have a good day. So adorable, this bird bobs its body each step it takes and it is simply cute.

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