9 Tough Animals That Can Withstand Extreme Heat


As the world is getting hotter and sexier every day, there are some tough animals that can withstand extreme heat like that. Yes, we’re talking about warm-blooded animals. Most of them are birds and mammals. To warm-blooded animals, the outside temperature doesn’t matter since they maintain the same internal temperature inside. The awesome thing is that some of these tough animals are so tiny yet so strong. So here we have some awesome animals that can live comfortably despite the barbecue climate. Check them out!


Camel is like the king of the desert which is why they make the best transportation through hot places. They survive such heat because they store fat in their humps instead of spreading it over their entire bodies. The rest of their body reabsorbs and saves water. The great thing is camels can survive for 15 days without water. No doubt why they are among the tough animals in such extreme conditions.

2Desert Tortoise

This awesome animal can tolerate ground temperatures up to 140 degrees. Tortoises are long-living animals, and desert tortoises can live up to 50 to 80 years. You can find them in the Mojave Desert and other hot places in their underground burrows.

3Giant Kangaroo Rat

You thought that it was cool that camels could go without water for 15 days. But this little adorable thing here can last its entire life without drinking a single drop of water. These tough animals don’t sweat because that is a waste of water in their body. This is why they won’t need water to survive at all despite the extreme heat.


If the weather is just around or over 100 degrees, an ostrich can deal with that. They can adapt to different temperature changes with different techniques. Ostrich has those massive feathers that can protect their body and legs when it gets too hot. These tough animals have no problem living in extreme heat at all.

5Saharan Silver Ant

Since the Sahara Desert is their home, heat is nothing to these ants. You know how hot it gets in the Sahara Desert during the daytime, right? The temperature often reaches over 116 degrees, and these ants simply pop out and grab food. So tough for such a small size, aren’t they?


image: Pixabay

The very common animal that you will find in the desert and hot places is absolutely the scorpion. Well you see, they have this amazing gift that allows them to live up to a year without food. Scorpions have great metabolisms, and they are great hunters in the desert.

7The Devil Worm

image: reddit

You might have never heard of them before, but these devil worms can survive crippling pressure and high temperature. Even if the oxygen is not enough, they still can live. They were discovered back in 2011 because they live up to 2.2 miles below the earth’s surface. Devil worm spends their life living in total darkness, eating simple bacteria, and drinking 12,000-year-old water.

8The Pompeii Worm

By the name, you can tell this worm must have something to do with heat. You won’t find them in Pompeii because they are the deep-sea worms that live on the ocean floor. They live in vents where their tails face temperatures up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. However, their head pokes out of the vent to capture prey. That means half of their body lives in extreme heat, while the other half lives in lower temperatures. Fascinating, right?

9Water Bear

Sounds adorable, it is a tiny water animal that is known to be the toughest creature on the planet. No matter what happens, they will just survive. Temperature can go from zero to 300 degrees Fahrenheit is not a problem for them. Dehydration? They don’t give a damn. Water bears can live happily for 10 years without water. You can throw them into space, they will be still alive there. Geez! If an apocalypse will ever happen, the water bear will be the last man standing.

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