9 Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship In No Time

Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship

To build a healthy and romantic relationship, you have to know and avoid things that can ruin your relationship. Doing these things too often might cause the loss of affection from the partner from time to time. It is important to know about relationship killers if you take your relationship seriously. There are 9 of them, read and let us know if you think they really affect to the relationship.

1Bad Habits

If you develop good habits, and your partner does the total opposite, that can also ruin the relationship as well. No one wants to live with someone who does things that contrast them all the time. Yes, a relationship is about completing each other’s differences. But good habits and bad habits can’t collide. If you think you can cope with each other for a better change, then it is good. But if there are too many negativities, there might be an end sooner or later.

2Being Insecure

Just because his/her phone rings doesn’t mean someone is calling to flirt with them. A healthy relationship requires trust. If you know that your partner is madly in love with you just as you are, don’t do stupid things. Asking for their passwords, asking who is calling, or texting with a jealous tone can provoke fights easily. If your partner never does that to you, don’t do that to them. And if you feel insecure, talk to him/her about that. We all have our privacy, so don’t go over the boundary.


You know what this means, right? Thou shall never cheat in a relationship. If you are not happy with the person you are with, just leave. If you can’t take a relationship seriously, don’t make other people fall for you. And if you think having one partner is not enough, go see a psychiatrist. Seriously, don’t use people like that. Once you cheat, you will not only ruin your partner’s feelings but also your own reputation. Walking around and being called a cheating bastard doesn’t sound so pleasant, does it?


Now that is a killer in a relationship. Lying is never a good thing to do, especially with someone whom you are in a relationship with. Be honest with each other, telling the truth won’t kill. No one wants to be lied to, and that is why you should never lie. And guess what, trust is hard to build but it can be ruined in just 2 seconds of the moment you lied. Be careful with what you said, and remember to always tell the truth.

5Provoking Fights

Getting mad too often can annoy your partner very easily no matter how patient they are. There are times when people are busy or tired, and if you get mad at them, things won’t end up fun. Never yell or accuse your partner without proof because no one wants to be put in such a situation. Get mad at them but ain’t got no proof? Punch the pillow or yell in the water, but don’t upset your partner because you dreamed that he cheated on you.

6Putting Less Effort Into The Relationship

It is so common when you get into a relationship with someone after some time. It occurs when you become busy or when you know that you both love each other. But putting less effort makes your partner think you don’t care or love them anymore. And that leads to many other things. They might think you cheat on them or they are not important to you anymore, etc. So, no matter how busy you are, never forget to send a few texts to remind your lover how much you love them. A simple text can cheer your partner up and tighten your relationship bond very easily. Never forget that.

7Talking About Your Exes

That one particular person has become your “ex” for a reason. If you move on with someone new, never ever remind about your ex again. Doing so just upsets your partner indirectly, even if they don’t tell you about their feelings. Although your current boyfriend/girlfriend does things that remind you of your ex, never say it out loud. Appreciate your relationship with your partner and be happy together.

8Talking Down About Yourself

You shouldn’t talk down about yourself or mention negative things about yourself to your partner. No one wants to hear that their lover is bad in this or that way. Also, if you are aware of your negativities, learn to improve to make a better change for yourself. Trying to put yourself at a lower level doesn’t make you any attractive, no matter what way it is. Be confident, love yourself, and be happy with the fact that you have someone by your side.

9Taking Your Partner’s Effort For Granted

Have you ever tried to do something for someone, but they looked over it? That feels so bad, and that is why you should appreciate every little thing your significant other did for you. Even if the person doesn’t ask for anything back in return, at least you know you should do something back. Just because you know that your partner loves you and willing to do anything for you doesn’t mean you can take them for granted. You shouldn’t use anyone no matter what way, a healthy relationship is about doing everything together.

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