10 Things That Are Banned In North Korea

Things That Are Banned In North Korea

Have you ever wanted to know about the things that are banned in North Korea? This secluded country that locates in the eastern part of Asia has a very different way of living from most countries in the rest of the world. According to the government, they do that just to protect the nation from outside influence. From lifestyle to food, here are 10 things that are not allowed in North Korea. Let us know if there are any more prohibitions that we don’t have on our list.

1Apple Products

iPhone X is not a subject to discuss in North Korea because none of Apple products are allowed in this country. You cannot find or sell any type of modern high-tech devices in North Korea at all. iPhones or iPads are impossible there even if there are rumors that some people can use them. The interesting part is North Korea has produced their own Android smartphone called Arirang by the telecommunications company called Koryolink. The report from North Korea’s TV said that the phone features a touch screen along with a camera with high pixels.

2Cable TV

Since the censorship by the government is so strong, there are only 4 official TV channels in North Korea. Also, the government does not allow any other type of television at all. The televisions sold in North Korea are only able to operate on the PAL system which prevents them from picking up other broadcastings. And those 4 channels are Korean Central Television, Mansudae Television, Ryongnamsan Television, and Sports Television.


As we all know, most products from the United States are not allowed in North Korea. That includes Coca-Cola, too of course. However, there are some shops in the capital city that sell coke produced in China. Since North Korea does not trade with too many other nations, China is like the main trading partner for this country. Still, that doesn’t mean everything is allowed without permission from the leader of North Korea.


Not only condoms are not available in North Korea, but very little number of people there what a condom is. There is no education regarding safe sex or any protection in the country. Unwanted pregnancies are another consequence due to the lack of such information. For unmarried women, this is a huge problem. And since unsafe abortions are illegal in North Korea, this is a huge issue.


Hairstyles are one challenging thing in North Korea for both men and women. Don’t you expect man buns or any mohawk that rock in 2017 or any year ever. There are only 15 haircuts available

for men, and 18 for women. All of which look so similar actually, old school hairstyles. Also, changing hair color is not what North Koreans do.


In North Korea, the government exclusively owns all real estate in the country. The thing is that the government gives everyone the right to occupy a home, free of charge, based on their place of work and rank. That means people there cannot sell the land or house to one another at all.

7Sanitary Pads

That might sound weird, but neither sanitary pads nor tampons are available in North Korea. Then you will ask how women cope with their monthly business. They use traditional reusable pads, and that’s it. Well that is a kinda saving, right?

8Western Celebrations

That includes Christmas, and there might be more festivals that are related to religions. That is because North Korea is an officially atheist country which means all forms of religious practices are forbidden. Apart from religious festivals, Valentine’s Day is also not practiced in NK as well.

9Western Fashion

The supreme leader has made jeans and many other types of Western fashion forbidden in his country. The main areas are the 2 regions that border with China because that is where trade is made. The country is trying to stop the influence of Western style from getting into the country because they want to preserve their culture. No sexy clothing is allowed, and so are inappropriate clothes that reveal too many body parts.

10Wi-Fi & International Calls

So the whole population of North Korea is about 15 million, and only 1 million of whom own a cell phone. As you expected, none of those cell phones can make international calls or use a 3G network. The government forbids them from doing so, and that is a restriction. If you happen to spend your vacation there, you may buy a pre-paid SIM card to make calls abroad.

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