10 Awesome Advantages Of Chewing Gum

Advantages of Chewing Gum

How many advantages of chewing gum that you know? Chewing gum is a fun hobby that most people enjoy doing while working, in class, or at home. The thing is that this activity has great positive effects that you might never notice. There are a lot of benefits that you get from chewing gum daily. There are 10 of them on our list today, let’s see if you spot any of them.

Anyway, the tip is that be sure to chew the right chewing gum because the wrong ones might be not healthy for the hobby. The best chewing gum to buy is the chewing gum with aspartame. This type of chewing gum does not contain artificial sugar or a substance that harms your teeth at all. Alright, let’s get down to the great benefits that chewing gum has provided.

1Better Breath

Say goodbye to smelly breath because chewing gum can totally help with that, and we all know about that. Most chewing gums share one function with each other, and that is to make your breath smell better. Some common chewing gums are made with natural oil that reduces bacteria that cause smell in your mouth. Therefore, you can chew gum to help with bad breath in some emergency cases as well.

2Focus & Memory

There have been a lot of studies showing that chewing gum helped a lot with concentration. The thing is that when you chew the gum while reading or watching something, you will focus on that object better. More than that, chewing gum also makes you remember things well as well. As you chew the gum, the blood flow will become smooth and the amount of oxygen will increase in your brain. That boosts the ability to remember which makes your memory become better.

3Keep The Lips Moist

Forget about the dry lips that lead to cold sores in cold or hot weather because chewing gum can also help with that. The experts say that chewing gum provokes the amount of saliva up to 10 times. That means your lips will become more moist, and you won’t have to worry about the breakups on your lips ever again.

4No More Nausea

No matter if it is a car sick or morning sickness, chewing gum can always help. The flavor of chewing gum is very effective when it comes to the reduction of the feeling of wanting to throw up. The best chewing up for nausea is the ones with salty or ginger flavor. These 2 flavors do not only help with the drowsiness but also with the urge to throw up as well. Always have chewing gums in your bag, and many problems will be solved.

5Prevent The Urge To Smoke

Surprisingly, some chewing gums contain nicotine which is the substance that is rich in cigarettes. For smokers, the urge to smoke will decrease when they chew more gum. If smokers repeat the chewing gum activity more often, they might want to smoke less. And that might even lead to a complete quitting of smoking. There is also a certain type of chewing gum specially made for people who want to stop smoking as well. You can look it up, and hopefully, you can be healthy again.

6Protect Your Teeth

As mentioned above, you need to chew the right chewing gum if you want to stay healthy. If you are chewing the healthy ones, then here is a tip for you. Chew gum 20 minutes after a meal will help reduce the amount of substance that causes cavities and caries. Chewing gum also reduces the amount of acid that harms your teeth as well. That is because chewing gum makes your saliva comes out more than usual which means your teeth will become healthier.

7Reduce Ear Pain During Flight

We all know the pressure that flight gives as the plane takes off, and the pressure might hurt our ears. The best way to get rid of that pain is chewing gum, and here is why. Usually, your mouth produces more saliva when you chew the gum. Therefore, you will have more saliva to swallow which helps reduce the pain in your ears effectively.

8Reduce Hunger

You might have heard a lot about the weight loss strategy of chewing gum, and that does work! The thing is that when you chew the gum, you keep your mouth and teeth busy. When they are busy, you will feel less hungry because you already have something to chew in your mouth. It is like a trick to your brain, and but that totally works. Also, the calories in chewing gum also help you feel full longer as well. If you want to keep yourself from craving extra snacks or food, chew more gums.

9Reduce Sleepiness

Chewing gum provokes the activities of your jaw which encourage more blood flow to your brain and nerves. That means chewing gum keeps you awake and makes you feel less sleepy. If you have a sleepless night and want to come to study or work with your eyes open without coffee, chew gums.

10Reduce Stress

Let’s forget about the problems and frustrating things that mess your mind. Chewing gum will reduce the release of Cortisol hormone that causes stress. The more you chew gum, the more relaxed you will become. After you feel better, get a glass of water, and you will be able to find out ways to solve your problems. Temporary yet helpful, this is like a hack to keep your stressful moment away. Definitely recommended.

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