15 Noble Facts About Peacocks That You Probably Don’t Know


Lions are the kings of the jungle, and peacocks are the beauty among the sea of trees. In case you don’t know, there are some facts about peacocks that you might not be aware of. So if you want to know more about this colorful and beautiful bird, we have some interesting facts for you. Since peacocks are one of the most fascinating creatures on earth, there are several new things that will amaze you. So let’s find out together about the cool facts about these noble animals together with us.

1. Peacocks refer to the males while peahens refer to the females one, and the collective name for them is peafowl.

2. There are only 3 different types of species in the peafowl family including Congo peafowl, blue peafowl, and green peafowl.

3. These majestic birds can live up to 50 years in capture but only around 20 in the wild.

4. You can tell if a peafowl is a male or a female by their size. Males are often twice the size of their female counterparts.

5. A peafowl flies into a tree sometimes in order to protect themselves from a predator.

6. All the species of peafowl have crests on the top of their heads but vary in color and design.

7. Peafowl do not enjoy living alone, and tend to stay within a small groups as they are sociable and dependent birds.

8. The tail of the peacock is known as “train”.

9. During breeding season, the peacocks will try to impress the peahen as much as possible. Apart from displaying his feathers and train, he will also guard his territory and make loud noise to ward off other males.

10. A peahen can lay up to 6 eggs or even more at a time, mostly in the afternoon.

11. A group of peafowl is Harem, while the group of females are Bevy.

12. Peacocks don’t usually have just one partner in the wild, they often have two or as many as five peahens.

13. Peahens normally choose their mates based on the size, color, and quality of the feathers and train. That is why a peacock has bright and dramatic train in order to attract the attention of the peahens.

14. When peacocks are first born, they don’t have tails and look nothing impressive until they are around 3 years old.

15. The reason the color of a peacock always stays so good is because they replenish their feathers every year.

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