10 Largest Cruise Ships In The World In 2017


Titanic is one of the most famous cruise ships in the world in beauty and size. But in 2017, there are more largest cruise ships that you might not know of yet. So today, we will take a tour of 10 largest cruise ships in the world with some brief details. You might want to travel across the globe on one of them, life is an adventure after all. Let’s see these incredible cruise ships together, and let us know your most favorite one.

1Harmony of the Seas

Length: 362.12 m
Passengers: 5,480
Crew: 2,100

A cruise ship with a zip line is enough to show you how huge it is. With this size, Harmony of the Seas is absolutely the biggest cruise ship in the world. There are many things that you can do, from sports to dining and drinking, the ship has it all. It took 32 months to finish the construction of this ship, and it sails across the Atlantic to the US.

2Allure of the Seas

Length: 362 m
Passengers: 5,400
Crew: 2,384

Known as MS Allure of the Seas, this cruise ship features a two-deck dance hall along with a theater and more. Not to mention the ice skating rink and Starbucks coffee shop at your service on the open sea. Back in 2010, this ship was also known as the largest cruise ship and the first Oasis-class ship as well.

3Oasis of the Seas

Length: 361.6 m
Passengers: 6,000
Crew: 2,394

The new capacity record for carrying passengers is over 6,000 now compared to the previous one which was 5,400. The ship has two-story loft suites as well as luxury suites along with balconies for the sea view. More than this, there are nightclubs, bars and lounges, swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, and more.

4Anthem of the Seas

Length: 348 m
Passengers: 4,180
Crew: 1,300

Anthem of the Seas has 16 passengers deck in total, 8 of which feature balcony staterooms for ocean views. The best part is those staterooms are even wheelchair accessible for passengers of all conditions. Apart from that, there are pools, water parks, casinos, and many more which is perfectly awesome.

5Ovation of the Seas

Length: 348 m
Passengers: 4,180
Crew: 1,300

This cruise ship has 18 decks, 16 of which are for passengers who are interested in cruising from Australia to Asia and vice versa. From dancing to shopping, this wonderful cruise ship has it all.

6Quantum of the Seas

Length: 347.08 m
Passengers: 4,180
Crew: 1,300

The construction of the ship makes it full of great features and places to serve its passengers. There are 16 decks for the passengers, and each of them provides a different awesome service. From pool to elegant restaurants, this cruise ship has it all. Plus, the theater and music hall, entertainment, and fun are real.

7Liberty of the Seas

Length: 338.92 m
Passengers: 4,960
Crew: 1,300

The unique thing about this cruise ship is that she features extensive sports facilities for the passengers. Those include FlowRider, water play area for children, boxing ring, fitness center, water slides, and many more. From summer to winter, this cruise ship offers great service all year for everyone who joins on board.

8Norwegian Epic

Length: 329.45 M
Passengers: 4,100
Crew: 1,700

Norwegian Epic is one of the largest and most innovative cruise ships that offers world-class experiences to passengers. The ship features pools, saunas, sun deck, fitness facilities, 20 different dining options, and more.

9Norwegian Escape

Length: 325.9 m
Passengers: 4,200
Crew: 1,730

This cruise ship features some great offerings like dining, bars and lounges, entertainment, and many more. There are different events from morning till midnight and after midnight for her passengers to enjoy. Clubs, bars, and more places are available on board which offers awesome service for the passengers on this cruise ship.

10MSC Meraviglia

Length: 315 m
Passengers: 4,500
Crew: 1,500

Being one of the largest cruise ships in the world, Meraviglia also offers great service to her passengers as well. There are more than 10 restaurants, a spa, and many more places that the passengers on board can enjoy.

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