10 Cute Owls Out There That Will Totally Melt You Heart


Owls are one majestic animals with both the cuteness and the tenderness that is loved by many. This adorable bird species comes with a huge family of different sizes and faces that make them unique. Today, we are going to bring some cute owls with irresistible faces that make you go aww. The great part is that most of these cuties are great to have as pets at home as well. They can adapt pretty well, and they are very fun to have at home with. Check out the cute owls below and let us know which one you think is the cutest.

1Barn Owl

image: Pixabay

Habitat: Asia, Pacific Islands

Barn owls have the most chilling face among owls in their family, and they always look calm that way. This species is the one of the most widespread of all birds, and you can find them almost everywhere except polar and desert regions. With super majestic look, barn owls have long rounded wings and short tails which combine with a buoyant loping flight.

As you can see, barn owls have dark eyes, and they have a mix of buff and gray on the head, back, and upperwings. There are also small white dots that make the owls look even more beautiful as well. Just like the name suggests, barn owls nest and roost in abandoned barns as well as buildings. This type of owls prefer quiet activities and large areas of open lands over to hunt.

It is not only their heart-shaped face that is irresistible but also their super soft and fluffy body as well. The thing is that having barn owls can be very challenging. However, if you are determined and are able to meet the requirements of the owls, nothing is impossible. This species is so adorable, but don’t forget to be careful when you are around their sharp talons.

2Burrowing Owl

image: Pixabay

Habitat: South America

Looking all different from common owls, burrowing owls have long legs and short tails. The type of owls spends most of their time on the ground or on low perches like fence posts. The funny part is when they jerk their bodies quickly up and down when they are alarmed. You will see them a lot because they are active during the day, and their look appears to be silly but super cute.

As told by their names, burrowing owls live underground in burrows they have dug or taken from the others. The interesting fact about them is what they do before laying eggs. Burrowing owls will carpet the entrance to their homes with animal dung to attract dung beetles and other insects. That makes it super easy for them to feed without having to go out, how smart is that?

3Eastern Screech Owl

image: Pixabay

Habitat: Eastern North America

In case you wonder, no they don’t screech. Eastern screech owls only make a descending tremolo call which is usually heard than seen. These owls are short and stocky bird with a large head and almost no neck. They have pointed ear tufts that are often raised, and that is super cute. Their main and natural and habitat is trees, and trees are also where they camouflage most of the time as well. This owl species is very adorable, but they are not much of a pet material since they are active at night.

4Eurasian Eagle Owl

image: Pixabay

Habitat: Europe, Russian, Central Asia

Eurasian eagle owl is one flexible species since they can live in many places from mountain regions to remote places. This owl species is very large, even larger than the snowy owl that you are going to see in our list below. Their size makes them at the top of the avian food chain as they feed on small mammals, birds, and even domestic cats and dogs. With the combinations of shallow wing beats, these owls have very fast and powerful flights with long fast glides. They are so special and adorable, and their pumpkin orange eyes and feathery ear tufts make them super striking.

5Great Horned Owl

image: Pixabay

Habitat: North America, Central America, South America

Great horned owl aka tiger owl is a large owl that is native to the Americas. According to the research, an expert felt that great horned owls were a bit of “essentially low intelligence”. That was because the birds could only hunt when partially wild, and they hunt whatever they first encounter when they are hungry.

When it comes to preying, these owls hunt almost any living creatures except large mammals. The cool part is that great horned owls are the most long-living owls in North America. Also, it is also the species used as model for statues of owls that placed on buildings and yards. All majestic and cute, great horned owls are totally one of a kind.

6Long-Eared Owl

image: Pixabay

Habitat: Europe, Asia, North America

This is the type of owls with medium size along with slender body and long ear tufts. These owls have buff or orange faces and intricate black, brown, and buff pattern on their feathers. Their cutest moment is when they look down to us with their big eyes and surprised expression. Long-Eared owls are nocturnal, and they usually spend their days roosting in dense parts of trees. This species is quite a vocal as it makes incredible variety of hoots, squeals, barks, and other noises.

7Northern Saw-Whet Owl

Habitat: North America

No matter if they are adult or juvenile, these ones always look cute all the time. Northern saw-whet owls are very small owls with large and rounded heads with no ear tufts. These owls are nocturnal, and they have penetrating call that they give many times in succession. Also, they got their name from giving a call that sounds like a saw being sharpened on a whetting stone.

Fun Fact: As defense mechanism, they will sit still and not fly which leads to people to perceive that they are tame.

8Pygmy Owl

Habitat: North America

Looking tiny, but pygmy owls are one ferocious hunters with a great taste for songbirds out there. These adorable birds hunt during the day by simply sitting quietly and surprising their prey before having them as meal. The fascinating part is that pygmy owl sometimes takes prey up to three times larger than their size. Can you imagine these cute little things hunting chicken for dinner? Yup, that happened.

9Snowy Owl

image: Pixabay

Habitat: Arctic Regions, North America, Eurasia

This magnificent-looking owl is of of the few of their family members that live in cold weather. The unique fact about this species of owl is that they are irruptive which means they appear only in some winters. You can tell whether a snowy owl is a male or a female by their color. Male snowy owls are almost all white while female snowy owls have some dark markings on their plumage. Their population is not in a good image lately because of the global warmings and other threats. Hopefully, things will will get better for them.

10Tawny Owl

image: Pixabay

Habitat: Great Britain, Iberian Peninsula, Western Siberia

Tawny owl is one of the most common owls in England, but you don’t normally see them because they are nocturnal. The one thing that these little cuties are famous for is the fierce defence of their young. The parents are not afraid to go full attack on you if you go anywhere near their babies.

This owl species is very special, and they are also one unique flyers as well. Tawny owl flies with long glides on their rounded wings, and their flight is rather heavy and slow. In some cultures, people see them as an omen of back luck. Yet, these cute looking birds are still among the cute owls.


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