5 Cute Bugs You Should See


The one great thing about nature is that there are many beautiful things for us to see. One of those things is some of the cute bugs that we are going to talk about today. Well you see, not all bugs and insects are pests and disgusting albeit some of them are quite dangerous sometimes. That is why I want to bring some cute bugs that will make you go aww for you to see. Each of them is adorable to look at, check them out and see which one is your most favorite.

1Antler-Antennae Beetle

With antennae that resemble feathers, this beetle of also one of the cute bugs. Also known as Elaterid or Click Beetle, this little bug has very unique and adorable antennae that no other bugs have. You can find them under the bark of pines throughout southern California. These bugs are attracted to lights, and they have very short elytra and lack flight wings which expose most of the abdominal segments. In case you find one, don’t freak out if it tries to bite you. This bug usually tries to discourage us from handling it by biting although it does not do any damage.

2Blue Featherleg

Blue is a very rare color for animals, and that is what makes blue featherleg one of a beautiful kind. This species is abundant in most of Europe, and it is also a very common species as well. These damselflies can be found in a wide range of lowland environments with standing and slow-flowing waters, brackish, and polluted water. These cute bugs prey on small flying insects by using their legs to catch the prey while flying. They come in many colors of their bodies, and blue is the cutest among them all.

3Jumping Spider

We always go “Ewwww let’s burn this house!” every time we see spiders, but this one will make you go “aww” instead. Jumping spiders are not only cute but also harmless to humans as well, and these creatures are so fascinating. These adorable arachnids are pretty shy and they will usually run or jump away when we approach them. How cute is that, right?

And look at those eyes and that face, no doubt why they are the cutest spiders in their family. Among other members of the spider family, jumping spiders have the best vision which they use in courtship, hunting, and navigation. You can find them in almost every habitat in the world except for polar regions. These cutiepies don’t use webs to hunt since they can catch their prey without the need for a sticky web at all. With such a cute little face, we all totally approve of this one on the list of our cute bugs.

4Silkworm Moth

image: Nikita

Not every moth is beautiful, but this one right is a total cutie. Would you look at that face! Adult silk moths have the cutest eyes and faces that you have ever seen. When they are in the adult phase, they are not capable of functional flight because their bodies are too big and heavy. Their color can be pale cream, gray, or brown, and people collect their cocoons to weave into silk fabric. The weird thing is that adult silk moths do not have working mouthparts like the caterpillars, so they never eat.

5Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar

This is one of the famous caterpillars known for its cuteness from the two prominent eyes on each side of their body. This type of caterpillar usually rests on the underside of leaves to avoid being spotted by predators. Tiger swallowtail caterpillars use those false eyes as a defense against predators, and it works most of the time. When threatened, it reacts by lifting its tail and arching up its front segments to fully expose its big false eyes. These cute little caterpillars will grow into beautiful butterflies after nine to eleven days or over winter hibernation.

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