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5 Beverages That You Should Never Take With Medicine


Have you ever wondered why you always take medicine with water? What are the beverages that you should never take with medicine? What makes it dangerous to mix your meds with other drinks? Actually, the safest way to take medicine is with water either cold or warm. Water is the main liquid that maintains the effectiveness of medicines that you take. Mixing the medicine with other drinks might cause interactions as well as other harmful outcomes that you don’t want to face. Today we will look into 5 beverages that you should not take with medicine along with an explanation of why.


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No matter how light the alcohol that the drinks contain, it is never good to mix with medicine. Alcohol simply affects people’s nerves, and that is not a bright choice to take with your meds. Alcohol will work against the medicine which makes you become sleepy, moody, or even faint. If you drink alcohol along with Paracetamol or medicines that treat the liver, things can go worst.


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Taking medicine with milk is very dangerous because calcium in milk will prevent your body from absorbing the effectiveness of the medicine. Most medicine contains antibiotic that is the substance that helps your health condition. If you take medicine with milk, that substance will never reach your body system. That makes your sickness not go anywhere better at all. To maintain the effectiveness of the medicine, be sure to not take medicine with milk.

3Soft Drinks

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Soft drinks contain sweeteners that can eliminate the original flavor and effectiveness of the medicine. More than that, the drinks that contain gas will reduce the advantage of medicine to treat your condition. Overall, none of the soft drinks is good when it comes to taking medicine as well as for health in general. If you can, you should try to avoid soft drinks as much as possible for it has a lot of disadvantages to your health.

4Sour Drinks

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That includes orange juice, lemonade, and other beverages with a sour taste. You might have seen from the movies when some people take their meds with orange juice. In real life my friends, it is not safe to do so. Such sour drinks contain a lot of vitamin C, and plus that sour taste; your medicine will lose its effect. Those beverages also stop your body from absorbing the treatment substance from medicine as well.

5Tea or Coffee

A majority of tea and coffee contains caffeine that boosts your energy and mood. That is why drinking too much tea or coffee makes you feel unwell sometimes. If you take medicine with such beverages, it will lead to insomnia along with other consequences like a faster heartbeat and more. The best way is to avoid tea or coffee when taking medicine, always bring a bottle of water with you is good.

As you can see, not every beverage can be drunk with medicine. The safest and rightest way to take medicine is with ordinary water at room temperature. Treat your body right, and you will stay healthy for years which I believe are the things that you always want.

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