10 Worst Hurricanes Throughout History


For years, there have been many worst hurricanes occurring in a lot of places in the world. There will be 10 worst of them today. But first, have you ever wondered why
meteorologists name hurricanes with people’s names, especially females? The thing is that
storms and hurricanes come fast, and people’s names are easy to use and remember.
Also, people’s names are easy to remember and communicate which is no doubts why the
name is used.

In the United States, meteorologists often use female names for hurricanes.
They also name the hurricanes alphabetically as well, starting from A, B, C, and so on.
Usually, a hurricane gets a name when its speed reaches or goes beyond 74 miles per
hour. There is no specific name for any hurricane, and the name will rotate every 6 years.
That means if there is a hurricane in 2017, the given name would be Abel. 6 years later,
the first hurricane that occurs will be named Abel again.

Let’s take a look at the worst hurricanes below and see how much damage they

1Bhola Cyclone

When: 12 th November, 1970
Where: East Pakistan & West India
Damage: $86.4 million

2Hurricane Andrew

When: 16 th August, 1992
Where: The United States
Damage: $26.5 billion

3Hurricane Iniki

When: 5 th September, 1992
Where: Hawaii
Damage: $1.8 billion

4Hurricane Pauline

When: 5 th October, 1997
Where: Mexico
Damage: $447.8 million

5Hurricane Mitch

When: 22 nd October, 1998
Where: America (Florida, Honduras, Nicaragua, Central America, and Yucatan Peninsula)
Damage: $6.2 billion

6Hurricane Kenna

When: 25 th October, 2002
Where: Mexico
Damage: $101 million

7Hurricane Katrina

When: 23 rd August, 2005
Where: The United States
Damage: $108 billion

8Hurricane Ike

When: 1 st September, 2008
Where: Northern America (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Texas, Haiti, Bahamas, Mississippi,
Louisiana, and more)
Damage: $22 billion

9Hurricane Sandy

When: 22 nd October, 2012
Where: the United States
Damage: $75 billion

10Hurricane Patricia

When: 23 rd October, 2015
Where: Mexico
Damage: $460 million

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