8 Toughest Bulletproof Cars That Are Super Safe To Ride

bulletproof cars

Have you ever wondered what type of bulletproof cars that some presidents and leaders ride in? The more important they are, the more protection they need which is not a doubt why bulletproof cars are one of their properties. Today, we will look into some toughest armored cars along with their description and price. Moreover, some bulletproof cars come in an affordable price that some rich people can buy actually. In case you are interested in getting one, let’s take a quick tour with us then.

1BMW X5 Security Plus

image: Pinterest

Price: Starting at $49,500

This is the first vehicle that is specifically designed to protect against the AK-47, and it is damn good. It is one of the toughest bulletproof cars that can withstand a range of risky situations on the road. From street crime that is full of hand guns to organized crimes and explosive, this car can withstand them all. No armor-piercing weapons can do anything to the car and the passengers inside, and the level of security is super high inside it.

2Chevy Suburban

image: David Guo

Price: Starting at $95,980

With elegance and safety design, this vehicle is one of the bulletproof cars that you can trust. The car features fully operable windows that provide great protection securely for passengers inside. It is also rugged and powerful which makes it a great armored car to have. That is not all, this bulletproof car is also very tough since it can take you anywhere you go. The car is perfect inside out and vice versa, no doubts it is among the best.

3Dartz Prombron Monaco

image: Pinterest

Price: $1.5 million

It is the Latvian-made gold-plated window SUV with Kevlar coating that makes it among bulletproof cars. It is also the world’s most expensive cars as well due to the most expensive vodka that comes with it. As for the seats of the car, they are made from the softest materials which is from a whale’s penis. Yup.

This armored car weights about 4 tons, and it is powered by a V8 engine capable of 450 horse power. The most important part is that this car is rocket grenade proof. Plus with its tough look, this bulletproof car is one among the coolest. It can hit a top speed of 160km/h, and it is super luxury to have for a $1.5 million car.

4Range Rover HSE

image: Pinterest

Price: $446,000

To begin with, the car is a rugged and luxurious beast with custom armoring to near perfection. This car is built to protect its passengers from guns and grenades, and TNT explosions from every part. Also, the car is so tough it can protect occupants inside both on-road and off-road due to its strength. Even if there is an attack, the special split-rim alloy wheels will not explode at all. If the doors are blocked, there is an emergency escape system behind the car’s rear seats that the passengers can get out.

5Rezvani Tank

image: Pinterest

Price: Starting at $165,000

The car has the combination of style and defense that makes it a luxury choice with great safety. It is one among the toughest vehicles in the world that you can find. It is the extreme utility vehicle that is designed to be a military style truck for the road. This car is very powerful, and is also super tough which makes a great protector no matter where you go.

By protection, it comes with bulletproof glass that make sure that no bullet can go through any window. Plus, there are military-grade run-flat tires that ensure that the journey is safe despite the gun fires around. Not to mention the electrified door handle that does not allow anyone to open the car door without allowance. No rifles or assassins can do any harm with many gun types as long as you are in this car.

6Tesla Model S P100D

Price: Starting at $135,000

Here we have the first electric vehicle with the ability of protecting occupants from bullets and other attacks. It is the bulletproof car that is covered with a lightweight but durable laminate armor. Paired with bulletproof glass, this vehicle is one of the toughest cars in the world. On top of that, it has autopilot drive-assist system which makes it even more awesome. The car is super stylish and modern, and its quality is definitely worth its price.

7The Beast

image: Pinterest

Price: $1.5 million

The United States presidential state car aka The Beast or Limousine One is the unique Cadillac with superior protection. The design of the car is to make sure that the president is safe inside no matter what happens outside. The doors of the car has no keyholes, only the Secret Services know how to open it.

As for the glass windows, they are all bulletproof while only the driver’s window can be opened. The car also has run-flat tires with hermetically sealed interior to protect the passengers from chemical attack. The coolest part is this car could fire multi-spectrum infrared smoke grenades to a rocket-propelled grenade attack or anti-tank missiles.

8The Popemobile

image: Pinterest

Price: About $448,300

Popemobile is the specially designed motor vehicle used by Roman Catholic Pope during public appearance. The vehicle is equipped with bulletproof glass walls to enclose the pope as he greets his people. This holy cruise travels at the speed about 10mph, but can reach speeds of 160mph in escape mode. Some people say that the car can fend off bomb attacks as well, but it has never been tested yet.


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