7 Things You Should Not Eat Or Drink Before Sleeping


Insomnia or uncomfortable sleep can be the result of the food you consume before bed. That is why you have to know about things you should not eat or drink before sleeping to avoid those. Some of the food can also cause weight gain as well which is not good for you. There are certain food and beverages that make your body work overtime while you are trying to sleep. That can lead to weight gain, lack of sleep, and even stress. All you need to do is avoid the wrong food, and things will get better. Check out the food and drink in the list below and try to avoid them at night.


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Do you know that alcohol like wine or beer is a diuretic agent? If you drink those before going to bed, you have to wake up and walk to the bathroom for hours. You should avoid drinking alcohol at least a few hours before bedtime for a peaceful night sleep. Also, drinking alcoholic beverages at night can cause loud snoring as well. If you have a roommate, that wouldn’t be a pleasant choice of drinks.


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Cereals are an awesome breakfast choice that keeps you energetic all day, but that doesn’t mean it is good as a night snack. Eating cereals at night will give you extra energy that you won’t use when you sleep. That leads to the overwork of your stomach which causes insomnia. For healthy sleep and weight gain avoidance, don’t eat cereals before bed.


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Big meal on Friday night or weekend is great, but chicken shouldn’t be the food you have late at night. No matter what way you cook, chicken always contains a large amount of protein that slows down digestion. Your body will be working to digest the protein while you are trying to sleep which keeps you awake.


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Chocolate and dark chocolate both contain caffeine and theobromine. You know what caffeine does to you at night. They stimulate your nervous system which keeps you awake all night. Consuming chocolate at night simply increases the chances of having insomnia which you should avoid.


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Cakes and other sweets shouldn’t be on the list of food that you consume at night. Most desserts contain white sugar and flour that transform into fat cells, especially when you don’t use any energy. More than that, your body cannot burn calories from those cakes overnight at all. Desserts are never good choices for night snacks or before bed meals.

6Fast Food

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Fast food such as burgers, fries, etc is not the right thing to eat before sleeping. This type of food contains a great amount of fat and calories that are stored in your body. If you eat those at night, the production of your stomach acids will be stimulated which causes heartburn. Apart from increasing your weight, fast food also keeps you awake at night since your body has to overwork to digest.


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There are many great choices of night snacks that you can eat, but spicy food shouldn’t be one of them. Hot spice causes heartburn which leads to uncomfortable sleep at night. If you’re having a lot of tossing and turning, it is probably because of the spicy food you had earlier.

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