Healthy Habits: 5 Important Things That You Should Avoid After A Meal


Eating is important, but there are also important things that you should avoid after a meal as well. The 5 activities on the list today are healthy habits and shouldn’t be the things you do immediately right after eating. To stay healthy, just go by these simple rules. Take a look at the 5 things below and make a change for a healthier routine.

1Drink Tea

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Drinking tea in the morning helps flush down the toxins from the body. However, a cup of tea after a meal is an ironic turn. Tea interferes with the assimilation of iron in the meal that you have just consumed. Iron plays a very significant role in the human body which means a cup of tea after eating is not a good idea. Children, pregnant women, and people who suffer from a lack of iron should avoid drinking tea after eating. At least an hour.


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Since I was a kid, my dad always tells me not to take shower right after a meal. And daddy’s right. According to the research, showering after eating can disrupt the digestive process which leads to a slow metabolism. That is because our body temperature increases when we take a shower or a bath. As the temperature increases, the body sends a little more blood to the skin. That leads to the slow digestion of the stomach. You should either take shower before eating or take shower 30 minutes after eating.


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Going right to bed after eating is probably a very bad idea. Sleeping after meals can cause inconveniences such as heartburn, burping, and high acidity in your stomach. More than that, sleeping immediately after lunch or dinner increases a great risk of a stroke. Experts recommend that it is better to go to bed at least 2 hours after eating. Give your stomach some times to digest the food before sleeping for the sake of health.


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After eating, almost every system in the body involves in the digestive process. If you smoke after meals, nicotine will be absorbed with a double force which makes it even more harmful. Moreover, tobacco can block the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food you consume. Smoking after a meal is like throwing out calcium, vitamins, and other good nutrients from your body. You should wait at least 20 minutes to give your body a moment to digest the food before smoking. And that would be awesome if you can give up smoking, and you know why.

5Work Out

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The best moment to work out is with an empty stomach actually. Cardio on an empty stomach burns a lot more calories than you expected. In contrast, working out after eating does not help with burning calories which keeps you fit at all. Hit the gym on a full stomach can lead to discomfort in the body like hiccups, nausea, dizziness, and stomachache. Not to mention your risk yourself with trauma and convulsions for doing so. Running and playing sports also count in this case. Don’t do anything heavy that sweats your body after eating, start a healthier habit. You have to balance between meal time and workout time. You should start doing exercise at least 2 hours after a meal.

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