Robust Keepers: 12 Best Guard Dogs


Living in a dangerous or insecure neighborhood is not a problem when you have the best guard dogs at home. Dogs are indeed men’s best friends, and some dog breeds are also incredible house protectors as well. The admirable thing about guard dogs is that they are extremely brave and loyal, and they make you feel safe. At the same time, they also make great companions at home with everyone in the family which is amazing. So if you are looking for some of the best guard dogs, you will find 12 breeds in the list below.


When it comes to the best guard dogs, Akita is always on the list. Akita is a stocky Japanese mountain dog with a curly tail and large size who was bred for guarding nobility and royalty. Back in the Middle Ages, these loyal dogs were also the guards of the Japanese emperor and his family. They have this suspicious nature towards strangers, and they are also attentive and brave as well.

This dog breed takes their job very seriously, and you don’t need to train them to guard at all. Because they are intelligent and obedient, you can also train them to sharpen their skills or for certain guarding purposes. Akita can be aggressive towards other dogs because they are territorial which is quite normal for some guard dogs. On the bright side, some of them are super cute and playful which is perfect to have at home.

2Appenzeller Sennenhund

Coming from Switzerland, the Appenzeller Sennenhund is a mountain dog breed that is very affectionate, cheerful, energetic, and smart. These are great characteristics for a family dog since everyone in the house can get along with and play with them. Things are different with strangers because their natural instincts make them wary of unknown faces but they are not pushovers. Appenzeller Sennenhund is extremely loyal, and nothing can distract or trick them from protecting the family and the house. A stranger can throw them a large steak, and they won’t fall for that. This breed is very active, so make sure that you meet their needs to exercise and run. In fact, these mountain dogs are perfect for colder climates, especially with large spaces in rural or suburban areas.

3Bouvier des Flandres

image: Bennilover

Don’t let the fluffy appearance makes you think otherwise because this is one of the best guard dogs in the world. This dog breed is bold and strong, and they are aggressive towards dogs they don’t know or when a threat is prominent. If they suspect that someone enters the house with bad intentions, they will defend via various methods. At the same time, Bouviers are highly protective of their owners, themselves, and their territory, making them amazing guard dogs. A Bouvier is hardworking and energetic so they love to work and have things to do. This is why they may show some destructive behaviors when they get bored. Bouviers de Flandres are attentive and smart, train them right and you will have an excellent guard dog at home.


While looking all fierce and scary with muscles and large size, bullmastiffs are actually big softies with proper training. As one of the best guard dogs, this breed is not only perfect for home guarding but also great companions with children. With family members and owners, a bullmastiff is loving and obedient, and very loyal. It is true that their size can be intimating to children, but they are very patient.

There is one downside that many people can actually deal with, and that is drooling. While their coat is short and easy to care for, you might want to consider the drooling part if you want to own one. The unique thing about them is that they use their strength to deter or confront intruders instead of barking. Also, these dogs love being in the house with their owners because they overheat easily. You should take them for a walk two times a day, and that is all you need to keep them healthy which is convenient.

5Cane Corso

image: Steve C

In Latin, Cane Corso means “bodyguard dog”, and that tells you right away about their quality as a keeper. Before you choose one, you have to make sure that you have enough time to socialize and train this canine. The best time to train a cane corso to be a guard dog is from their stage as a puppy. A young cane corso is very curious and playful so they are easy to teach and always happy to learn. This is why you have to spend a lot of time with them, establishing a strong bond to earn a respect from them.

Another name for this dog breed is Italian Mastiff, and it is obvious why it is large and well-muscled. The appearance of the dog simply looks intimating, but they are docile and gentle with the family members. With natural protective instincts, this mastiff simply does not trust strangers. Not to mention that they are highly trainable and smart, having one of these is absolutely nice and fun. Overall, this breed makes an awesome guard and protector for the house while being loving and loyal at the same time.

6Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Originating from the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, this shepherd dog is both fluffy and massive. Their job back home was was livestock guardian dogs, and they are great to have at home as well. The special about Caucasian shepherd dogs is that they are courageous, loyal, and strong. Because of their fearless nature and size, people usually have them at large commercial estates, in prison, or by the military. These shepherd dogs will never back down from a fight, even against bears or wolves.

Although they look cuddly and fluffy, these dogs will attack to protect their family members. This breed is more suitable for larger spaces without small children. The good thing is that they can make amazing family companions, therapy dogs, or watchdogs with proper training and socialization. Along with that, this breed is highly territorial and stubborn so they are somehow difficult to train. If you are new to training dogs, a Caucasian shepherd dog should not be your first choice.

7Doberman Pinscher

image: peakpx

With a sleek body and fast speed, Doberman pinscher is without a doubt one of the best guard dogs to have. No matter which angle you look from, this dog always appears to be very serious looking and intimating. You can tell that they mean business, and they are very brave which makes them excellent guard dogs and protectors. Doberman pinschers bark a lot, and they don’t hesitate to pin the intruders against the wall or on the ground.

Male Dobermans are territorial and protective of their home while female Dobermans mature earlier and are protective of their owners. If you have a pair of male and female Dobermans, you simply have a guard for both your house and your family. When off duty, Dobermans are just as energetic and playful as other dogs in spite of their intimidating appearance. This breed requires a lot of exercises, so they love long walks and runnings with their owners.

8German Shepherd

image: picryl

Here you are looking at one of the most common breeds for police dogs and a common breed as pets. This breed is a natural learned, and they are very easy to train. German shepherds are one of the popular dogs with a loud bark and intimating appearance. The looks come with strength and commitment to protect their owners and house from intruders. On top of that, German shepherds are very brave and loyal with the willingness to risk their own life for their families.

There are two sides of a German shepherd, a serious side and a goofball side. If you want to train them as guard dogs, do so when they are young and they will not let you down. German shepherds take their job very seriously, and their fame is widespread pretty much anywhere. A bark and stare from them are enough to keep most people away. As a pet, this dog breed is both playful and sometimes a little silly despite their appearance. This makes them great with babies and kids as both companions and protectors.

9Giant Schnauzer

Standard schnauzers are sweet and tiny, but things are different with the giant member of the same breed. Just like the name suggests, giant schnauzers are large and strong with natural guarding and territorial instincts. The main jobs of this breed are to guard properties against unwanted animals or people and to protect their owners. Apart from that, these hard workers were also used for carting, driving cattle from the farm to market, and protecting the farm.

The special thing about giant schnauzers is that they have the incredible physical strength and they are resistant to pain. At the same time, these guard dogs are generally loyal and loving companions. Owners have to provide them with enough exercise and training from their younger age, and they will grow up amazing. With proper training, this breed makes excellent guard dogs and pets that are both reliable with children and respectful of boundaries.

10Great Dane

Tall dogs make amazing guard dogs thanks to their intimating size, and great dane is the perfect example for that. This breed comes in various colors such as black, blue, brown, or fawn, but brown is a common color. If you want them to appear intimating, black is the perfect color. Great Danes are not only one of the best guard dogs but also among the most protective dogs. The combination of their appearance, activity level, patience, and personality makes them amazing companions and keepers at home. With family, a great dane is very calm, friendly, and playful, especially with children and other pets. Although they are calm, they can be aggressive when necessary. Once it senses that someone is trying to harm you, a great dane will do everything they can to protect you.


Looking absolutely intimating, rottweilers are the guard dogs that make intruders think twice before breaking into the house. Rottweilers have just the right height and size that go perfectly with their bravery as a guard dogs. This breed is very protective, they take their job very seriously, and they will never back down. Despite being affectionate and energetic towards their owners, rottweilers will bark and display their aggressiveness with intruders or strangers.

This breed can be stubborn, so you should give them enough and proper exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy. Male rottweilers are alert and standoffish, and they are cautious and watchful for potential danger. As for female rottweilers, they are easier to control and safer to have around kids. If you train them right and well, rottweilers are perfect as both guard dogs and pets in the family.

12Staffordshire Terrier

When space at home is limited, a smaller guard dog will be on the list to consider. A Staffordshire terrier is probably smaller than most guard dogs, but it is very brave and muscular. This dog breed is very loyal, and it is extremely affectionate toward its family members in the house. On top of that, Staffordshire terriers are also excellent with children so they make a great companions at home. Thanks to their broad skull and powerful jaw along with their agility, these dogs are incredible protectors. Although they are not aggressive, they can be suspicious of people that they don’t know. Not to mention that this breed is obedient and easy to train, it makes a great guard dog.

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