Abyssinian: The Oldest Domestic Cat Breed In The World


Abyssinian is a cat breed that originates from African wild cats with fascinating history and tales. This species is one of the most popular pets in the world, and it is absolutely adorable to have. If you are a cat lover, there are several interesting things about the Abyssinian or Aby that you will like. Let’s take a look and see what they are with us below.


When it comes to the history of Abyssinian, there are two main places that we are going to focus on. People believed that this cat originated from Ethiopia which is formerly called Abyssinia. This was how the breed got its name Abyssinian Cat. Meanwhile, some other sources suggest that Abyssinian cats are from Egyptian due to numerous drawings and statues of these cats. So some people believed that the Abyssinians are descendants of the ancient Egyptian cats.

The cat was introduced to Europe in 1868 by Lord Robert Napier who fought in the Abyssinian War. He bought her from local traders and named her Zula, and she was the foundation of this breed starting from Great Britain. Then the Abyssinian became extremely popular throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia. Since then this cat breed was selected to star in movies and TV shows, sparking interest among cat lovers.


This beautiful cat breed is medium-sized, and it has a long and slender body with nicely developed muscles. The distinctive beauty that makes this cat look absolutely gorgeous are the large pointed ears and large almond-shaped eyes. Both the ears and the eyes display the alertness and intelligence of the cats toward everything around them. Plus with the long legs, long tail, and small oval paws, no doubt why many people find them beautiful to have.

The most striking feature of this cat breed is the smooth and thick fur that is in different colors. The coat of the Abyssinian cats can be blue-gray, chocolate, cinnamon, golden-brown, light brown, lilac, or even silver. On top of that, the fur of this cat breed has a ticked pattern that somehow resembles the exotic wildcat look. No doubt why many people thought the Abyssinian was a wild cat at a first glance.


image: Matt

When it comes to the most energetic and playful cat breeds, the Abyssinian stands on top. These extrovert cats love to interact with people, this cat has a personality of a dog. At the same time, they get along well with other animals especially dogs since they love to play. Sometimes they can play with their toys for hours without getting tired at all. These felines love to climb and jump, and they can leap up to 6 feet or more into the air.

Abyssinians love to interact with their surroundings, and they are very curious animals. An ideal place for them is large apartments or houses with backyards so that they can explore and play around. The thing is that they can become depressed if they do nothing or don’t receive enough attention from humans. These cats require constant attention and plenty of love, and they are extremely loyal to their owners.

If you want to play, the Abyssinians will entertain you all day long without turning their back at you like most cats. At the same time, you can also teach them some tricks or play puzzle toys with them since they are intelligent. Having an Aby is like having a small dog, and you will never get bored living with one of these. All you have to remember is that the Abyssinian loves to be at the center of attention. So make sure to give them the spotlight that they need and deserve.

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