Largest Snakes: 10 Interesting Facts About Anacondas


Anacondas are the largest and heaviest snakes in the world, and they are the second longest among their relatives. These reptiles usually live in tropical rainforest, lakes, and swamps of South America especially near Amazon and Orinoco rivers. Anacondas are very dangerous and strong snakes, and there are 4 types of them.

Despite their large size, it is not easy to spot them since they are very good at hiding in the water. People also hunt anacondas for their skin to produce fashion products, and anacondas are not endangered which is a good thing. This article is going to bring you some short interesting facts about anacondas that you might not know about. Let’s do it, shall we?

1. The largest anaconda ever captured was 5 meters long which was as long as a bus, with weight of 98 kilograms.

2. Anacondas are non-venomous snakes, but they also have teeth; six rows of backward-pointing teeth. The snakes use their sharp teeth to latch onto their prey to prevent it from escaping as they suffocate it to death.

3. A green anaconda can open its mouth up to 180 degrees wide stretching the ligaments of its jaw to swallow large prey whole. This type of snakes eat humans alive especially children, but we are not their main diet on their menu.

4. Speaking of diet, anacondas enjoy eating rodents, fish, and even caimans which is a type of crocodile in South America. Whenever they feed on the crocs, the anacondas usually injure themselves during the hunting process.

5. If there is no food, anacondas can go for weeks or even months without eating.

6. Most snakes lay eggs, but anacondas are among the rare snakes that give birth to live young. The females carry eggs inside their bodies but gives birth to live young that are independent from birth. By independent, those little snakes are able to swim, hunt, and live by themselves.

7. Anacondas can stay under water for 10 minutes before coming to the surface to grab some air.

8. Female anacondas are larger than the males, and the she-anacondas often eat her partners especially during mating season.

9. Anacondas spend most of their time alone, the males only seek out females between April and May. Often times, multiple males will pursue the same females which is known as “breeding balls”. Breeding Balls is when a dozen makes wrapped around a single female with one attempt to mate. Each breeding ball can last up to 4 weeks when the female finally picks her ideal partner.

10. Anacondas live for over 10 years in the wild, and up to 30 years in captivity.

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