8 Dangerous Animals With The Sharpest Claws & Talons

Animals With The Sharpest Claws

Each animal has their own unique way of protecting themselves and finding food. The cool thing about animals with the sharpest claws is that they can hunt way easier as predators. Gifted with sharp claws or talons, the animals in our list today have zero difficulties in finding food. Another thing is that any of these animals with the sharpest claws can hurt you real bad if they feel threatened. One kick or scratch, and you will never want to get close to any of them ever again. In case you want to know which animals have the sharpest claws and talons, keep on reading with us.


Length: 2 – 3 inches / 5 – 8 centimeters

There are many types of badgers, but most of them have massive front paws and claws; mainly for digging. With those claws, badgers can dig both forwards and backwards without a single problem. Normally, they dig backwards and disappear straight into the ground when confronted by an enemy. The good thing is that badgers are usually wary of humans which they are likely to escape when in danger. However, they can be aggressive if you corner or attack them first.


image: Pinterest

Length: 5 inches / 13 centimeters

When we talk about the most dangerous animals in Australia, we can never overlook cassowaries. These second heaviest birds in the world are also among the animals with the sharpest claws and talons. With the powerful and razor-sharp claws on the inner toe of each foot, a cassowary can leave nasty scars. Not to mention they attack you with style, you will never forget the scene if that really happens.

These birds deliver a series of downward kicks with their hind legs that can break bones and cause serious lacerations. With a well-place strike, their claws can totally rip open a human belly or throat with zero effort. Plus with them being good jumpers, they can stun you as they fly before slashing you with them sharp claws. Additionally, cassowaries are very aggressive and they can attack you anytime they want so always be careful when you see one.

3Great Horned Owl

image: Tumblr

Length: 2 – 3 inches / 5 – 7.5 centimeters

The fact that great horned owls have long and striking sharp claws and talons make them quite dangerous. Apart from being the second largest owls in North America they are also one of the animals with the sharpest claws. There are a few more important things that you really should know about a great horned owl. These birds are very territorial, taking their eggs is one of the things you should never do.

Just so you know, these owls are the only known bird of prey to have ever killed a human being. Yup, those who tried to get some owl eggs for breakfast which was totally a bad decision. If you know you are in the area where great horned owls attack, bring an umbrella with you. No kidding, an umbrella can help a lot during raining owl talons. Sometimes they attack you even if you don’t mean to steal their eggs, so always be careful.

4Grizzly Bear

Length: 4 inches / 10 centimeters

When people say grizzly bear’s claws are as useful as Swiss Army knives, you can tell how sharp they are. That is not a single doubt why these big bears can swipe salmon from the rivers effortlessly. Not to mention they can also dig through ground for rodents and rip apart old tree stumps for insects.

The claws of grizzly bears can grow up to 4 inches or even longer, and they are fairly straight. With such strong, thick, and powerful claws, one paw swipe from a grizzly can kill an animal as large as a moose. Since the claws are as long as human fingers and they can cut so deep, it is highly advisable you avoid them.

5Harpy Eagle

image: Never Ending Stories

Length: 3 – 4 inches / 7.5 – 10 centimeters

Being one of the world’s largest and most powerful eagles, harpy eagles are also the animals with the sharpest claws. These frightful flying creatures have massive talons along with extra curved back talons that they use to stab their prey. The back talons can reach up to 5 inches long which is even longer than a grizzly’s claws. Plus, harpy eagles also possess super strong feet that cooperate very well with the talons when hunting and snatching preys. Since they have such powerful and perfect talons, hunting monkeys, sloths, or even baby deer is just a piece of cake.


Length: 1 inch / 3 centimeters

The one thing that koalas do the most is climbing trees, and that is why they are equipped with claws. It is true that koalas are not the animals with the sharpest claws, but what they have can definitely do the damages. On top of the claws, there are strong nails that can hold onto trees and branches very firmly. In case you want to know how sharp a koala’s claws can be, here is the perfect example. You can easily see markings on the trees’ areas where the koalas grip the trees, imagine those markings on your arms. That will be very painful, so always be cautious when you are near a koala.


image: SteemKR

Length: 1.5 inches / 4 centimeters

Just like most pet cats, lions have retractable claws that they can stretch out from their fur when attack. The thing that make a lion’s claws fearsome is the number of the claws which is 18 of them in total. Those are attached to over 140 kg of pure muscle and speed of swiping or slapping. Since their claws are retractable, walking on rough ground will not wear, tear, or ruin the shape of them at all. Not to mention lions also sharpen their claws by scratching trees to keep them extra pointy, these claws are no jokes.

If you wonder what do the lions use their sharp and dangerous claws for, here is why. The main function of a lion’s claws is to grab prey as they dig into the skin of prey immediately upon contact. That is why the lions find it very easy to grip and hold their prey tightly before biting the prey’s neck. Lions are one dangerous animals that we all know, so don’t stay too close to their claws under no circumstances.


image: CBC.ca

Length: 2 – 3 inches / 5 – 7.5 centimeters

Not the Wolverine from Marvel movies y’all, we are talking about the claws of wolverine as an animal. Pretty and fluffy, wolverine actually has long and powerful claws that they use to catch their prey or defend themselves. Apart from that, wolverines also uses their claws for climbing and digging as well when it comes to daily life. Another famous thing about these bear-like creatures is that they are strong and vicious compared to their size.

On top of that, wolverines have large and furry paws that act as snowshoes to keep them from sinking into the snow. In case you wonder if a wolverine is dangerous or not, it has the reputation of killing preys many times larger than itself. By larger, they kill animals like bison, moose, elk, and more. So you don’t need an explanation on what these little furry things can do to a human.


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