10 Cursed Families That Are Doomed For Generations

cursed families

Modern days people don’t really believe in curses, but there are certain things we can’t explain. Some cursed families that we are going to talk about today will show you why curses are somehow real. According to the beliefs, curses work best when the individuals did something wrong to those who put the curse on them. No matter how developed the countries or the societies are, superstitions are always there at some point. Below we have 10 cursed families with background stories that you might find interesting, so check them out.

1Coburg-Kohary Curse

Royal families are a lot among the cursed families, and this one was cursed by a disgruntled monk. The story started when the monk who was from a Kohary family was left out of his inheritance after the object of his affection. Antoinette Kohary, who was his relative married Ferdinand Coburg instead of him because the bride’s father was impressed by their union. So he left all of their wealth to the newlywed couple which infuriated the monk. The monk then went on to place a curse on their descendants.

Whether the curse was real or not, many members of the Coburg-Kohary line did suffer from misfortune. A number died prematurely due to hemophilia while the others died of diseases like typhoid. Those who intermarried with other European royalties also brought hemophilia with them, with the most prominent victims being the Romanovs. Looks like royal families are not that convenient to be in after all.

2Curse Of The Dragon

image: Variety

The title already introduces you to some background, the Dragon refers to the legend Bruce Lee and his son Brandon. There have been mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of these two martial art legends. One of the theories suggest that there were Chinese Mafia / Kung Fu masters plotted to kill them. However, the most famous theory was that Bruce and his son were the victims of a family curse brought by Bruce’s father. Lee Hoi Chuen angered a group of Chinese merchants one day, and they placed a curse on him.

The curse was that all the males of his family would die young, Lee and his wife took the curse very seriously. That was after the death of their firstborn son who would have been Bruce’s older brother. That was why they constantly addressed Bruce Lee with the feminine name of Sai Fon at home. The purpose was to confound the evil spirits from harming Bruce.

The curse theory eventually gained even more steam after the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story came out. The movie depicted a Bruce Lee lookalike fighting a physical manifestion of the demon who haunted the family. The movie released just two months after Brandon’s death which was another creepy coincidence.

3Curse Of The Nepalese Royal Family

One of the stories about cursed families is the curse of Nepalese royal family that you are looking at now. In 2001, a Nepalese crown prince Dipendra shot and killed his father, mother, and 7 other members of the royal family. After that, he turned the gun on himself which shocked the world of what he had done. Some sources said that he did so because of his family’s refusal to accept his bride.

The prince had been drinking heavily and lapsed into a three-day coma before the massacre took place. His uncle Gyanendra became king and ruled for a number of years in a period before the abolishment of the monarchy. Some superstitious citizens were not surprised of what happened because they had already known that by the prediction 200 years prior.

According to the legend, Prithvi Narayan Shah who was Nepal’s first king, met and gave some curd to a yogi named Gorakhnath. He promptly vomited so he offered it back to the king, but the king refused to accept the regurgitated offering. Then the yogi announced that the king’s descendants’ reign would end after the tenth generation. Just like the tale, Dipendra was the 10th generation, and it was the end of monarchy.

4Curse Of The Wodeyars

We don’t know what Raja Wodeyar of Mysore Kingdom had done, but Alamelamma hated him so much she cursed him thrice. According to the source, Raja who was the ninth ruler of the Wodeyar dynasty, and his forces had routed her husband’s army. Then forced them to abandon their base in Srirangapatna. So her husband and her fled to Talakad which was a temple near Mysore. That was where Alamelamma brought a set of precious jewels that used to regularly adorn a statue of her patron deity.

So Raja sent his men to pursue her with the intent of confiscating the precious jewels. To avoid capture, she took the jewels and committed suicide by jumping into the Cauvery River. However, before her death, she pronounced a three-part curse wherein Talakad would become a desert, and the nearby town would become a whirlpool area. Her curse also stated that the Wodeyars would have no offspring.

So for the past 400 years, the Wodeyars only had male children in every generation. That led to very problematic issues regarding succession to the throne, but at least it was better than no children at all.

5Grimaldi Curse

It all began when Prince Rainier I abducted and raped a beautiful maiden in the department. As revenge, the maiden then became a witch and proclaimed “never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage.” The curse then became true since Prince Rainier III’s wife, Grace Kelly who was the American actress died in a car accident.

Their three children soon became embroiled in their own scandals and misfortunes again and again. The elder daughter, Princess Caroline, divorced her first husband, widowed by her second husband, and her third marriage was also unhappy. At the same time, her younger sister, Princess Stephanie, went through a potpourri of men. That included her bodyguard, an elephant trainer, and a circus acrobat which led to three children born out of wedlock.

As for their brother, Prince Albert II, has so far dodged the proverbial bullet by living with his married wife still. His wife was a former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock, but that happiness didn’t last for long. The Prince was a playboy, and Charlene nearly called off the wedding during that time. The inside story of their true happiness remained a secret, we don’t know if they were truly happy or not.

6Guinness Family Curse

image: WikiTree

Yes, the Guinness who is one of the Ireland’s most accomplished clans and famous brewers of the Guinness beer. Sometimes no one ever thought that such a large family is bound to be in trouble from time to time. For them, the misfortunes looked more like something out of a Final Destination plot, or even scarier. The thing is that the root to the curse remained a mystery, and we are not sure why.

Arthur Guinness who was the patriarch and founder of the brewery, lost 10 of his 21 offspring while building his empire. After his death, other family members either became poor or insane, and alcoholics. The question is where did the curse on the Guinness family come from? It was during the Second World War when the Guinness Curse really took off as two prominent family members were killed. One by Jewish terrorists while another one during a battle just some weeks before the ended.

That was just the beginning because there was a series of deaths ranging from suicides and car crashes to freak accidents. Well, one family member hit her head on the toilet seat and drowned in the bathtub in the middle of drug session. Even animals that belonged in the family were not in the exceptional case of the curse. The Irish Republican Army abducted Ireland’s most beloved racehorse that belonged to a Guinness, and it was never seen again. This was one bad curse.

7Habsburg Curse

The Habsburgs were among the most powerful and influential families, but the curse that afflicted their family came from birds. Ravens, to be exact. The curse allegedly started the moment their ancestors slaughtered all the ravens that resided in their home castle. After that, supernatural ravens called Turmfalken started to appear before or during the demise of family members, including Marie Antoinette’s execution.

Ravens were not the only subject to put the curse on the family, Countess Karolyi also cursed them as well. Countess Karolyi placed a curse against Francis Joseph who was a Hapsburg and a ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. She uttered the curse after the 18-year-old emperor had his son executed after joining a failed Hungarian rebellion. Since then, Francis Joseph’s reign started to face numerous tragedies continuously.

Although he survived an assassination attempt, his wife wasn’t as lucky while his only son committed suicide with his lover. That was not the end, other members of his family either get killed or injured or went insane. Perhaps the climax of the infamous Hapsburg curse happened with the assassination of his nephew, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. What can we say? It is always better to be kind and nice to every living thing around you.

8Kennedy Curse

The Kennedy families have been in the debate for years of whether the curse on their generations was real or not. Legends have it that it was John F. Kennedy’s great-grandfather Thomas Fitzgerald who started it all. Back in 1842, he discovered a chest full of gold coins in an Irish village. Supposedly, he took the cursed gold coins while the village was soon destroyed after he took them. Fitzgerald fled with his treasure to Boston where he used the coins to start his own business and became rich.

Another story said that the curse came from JFK’s father, Joseph who had an unfortunate run-in with some Jews. He told a rabbi and his students to stop their prayers while they were on a passenger ship together. Angry, the rabbi cursed him and claimed that his descendants would suffer great misfortune.

Meanwhile, another version told about a Jewish man who placed the curse on Joseph after he refused to help his sons. While another tale said it was the entire Jewish village that cursed Kennedy after they discovered his weapons deal to the Nazis. What do you think?

9Onassis Family Curse

The unique case of cursed families is this one where it is possible to transfer a curse from one family to another. According to some Greeks, that is essentially what happened to JFK’s widow, Jackie Kennedy. It seemed like she brought the Kenndy Curse with her when she married a Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis in 1968. The curse brought about the ultimately death of Aristotle’s only son named Alexander in a plane crash in 1973.

Since then, it went downhill for the rest of the Onassis family that went as follows. Aristotle’s first wife killed herself a year after learning of her son’s death, and Aristotle then died a sick and broken man. Then, Alexander’s sister Christina also died in 1988 of a heart attack due to depression. The only person alive is Christina’s daughter Athina who is living with her husband and her two stepchildren in Brazil.

10Von Erich Curse

image: TheRichest

It is common for tragedies and injuries in the world of pro wrestling, but not in this case. The Von Erich families and their patriarch Fritz experienced their first loss when the eldest of the six sons died. Then the six-year-old Jack Jr. was accidentally electrocuted and drowned in a puddle of wet snow near their home. After that, a chain of disasters befell the family as time went by.

Fritz’s third child David died from a serious case of gastroenteritis while Kerry, Michael, and Chris committed suicide by drug overdose. Only Fritz’s second son Kevin lived on to continue wrestling before retiring in 1993. Now, the third generation of Von Erich who are Kevin’s two sons and Kerry’s daughter, currently following their grandfather’s footsteps. Let’s hope that no more deaths to come, and the reasons behind the curse remains unknown still.


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