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Interesting Story & Facts About Mount Rushmore

We have seen wonderful sculptures and statues, but Mount Rushmore has a more incredible way to express art. Mount Rushmore is a national memorial...
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10 Deadliest Poisons In The World That You Should Know

Science is a fascinating thing, but we should always be careful when using deadliest poisons which are scientific discoveries. By deadliest, it means just...
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7 Fruits We Think Are Vegetables But Are Actually Not

There are times when we debate about fruits we think are vegetables with people around us. Like who knows that the vegetables we use...

What is Mother’s Day?

Have you ever wonder why people celebrate​ Mother’s Day? Or what is Mother’s Days exactly for? Well, since Mother’s Day is approaching, let’s explore...
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10 Coolest University Graduation Gowns Of Famous Universities

Graduation day is the biggest day for every graduate out there. Today, we will look into some coolest university graduation gowns from some famous...
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10 Most Evil Human Experiments To Have Done In Human History

yHuman experiments and research have been done by scientists, doctors, and researchers from time to time for decades. The subjects of the human experiments...

10 Awesome Advantages of Chewing Gum That You Should Know

How many advantages of chewing gum that you know? Chewing gum is a fun hobby that most people enjoy doing while working, in class,...

Unfortunate Sea Adventures: 10 Shipwrecks That Killed The Most People

Titanic has always been the first option when we talk about famous shipwrecks, but there are more. Each time a shipwreck happens, hundreds or...

Superlative Trees: 7 Tallest Tree Species In The World

What first came into your mind when you think about the tallest tree species? By the “tallest”, some trees can grow way taller than...
best-selling book series

10 Best-Selling Book Series That Have Sold Million Copies

Have you ever wonder if your favorite book series are among the best-selling book series? Only bookworms understand the happiness of seeing the new...

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