All-Year Fresh: 8 Beautiful Evergreen Trees For Gardens


Evergreen trees are special and unique because their foliages remain functional and green for many years to come. There are many evergreen trees in the world, but you are going to see the most beautiful ones today. Many of them are perfect to have in the garden, and they are very easy to take care of. Feel free to check out the list below and see which tree you think is the most gorgeous.

1American Pillar Arborvitae

The special thing about this evergreen tree is that it has a combination of everything great. It is of course green all year long, and it is also very durable as well. The American pillar arborvitae is also highly resistant to ice and wind damage thanks to its strong root system. That way, you won’t have to worry about local or regular rain, storm, or annual winter at all. Another great thing is that this tree species is fast growing, 3 feet in one year to be exact. Not to mention that it grows dense, narrow, and tall, it makes a beautiful compliment to your garden or house. In case you wonder, this tree lives up to 500 years or longer so it is absolutely long-lasting to have.

2Concolor Fir

The concolor fir aka white fir is a gorgeous evergreen tree with a symmetrical shape and long soft needles. It makes a great choice for the midwestern landscape due to its most adaptable firs and beauty. Concolor fir is special because it grows to an almost perfect pyramidal Christmas tree shape when young. This tree is common as an ornamental landscaping tree and Christmas tree as well as garden or home decoration.

On top of that, concolor fir can tolerate very cold temperatures down to about 40 degrees without a problem. The thing is that it does not do well in hot climates in the southern states. Also, this tree is not ideal as city trees because it is not resistant to pollution and other urban conditions. The perfect place to plant them is in open areas, and these trees do well in deep, rich, and well-drained soil. It usually grows to a height of between 25 to 35 meters (80 – 115 feet), and lives up to 350 years.

3Emerald Green Arborvitae

Here we have another fast-growing evergreen tree that is very easy to care for that you might like. This tree species is hardy and resilient enough to withstand drought, extreme temperatures, and insects very well. This is the reason why they are very long-lasting for up to 25 years or longer. As for appearance, these trees grow tall and quickly with nice colors and shapes all year round. Just like the name suggests, its foliage consists of flat sprays of glossy bright green needles which is so pretty.

At the same time, it also makes a great choice for narrow spaces and small years as well. The height and looks of the emerald green arborvitae make them amazing accent trees, foundation plants, and privacy screens. It is also perfect for busy owners because these evergreen trees are easy to care for and low maintenance. You can plant them on a wide range of soil types or even areas with extreme temperatures which are so convenient.

4Eastern Red Cedar

Although it looks more like a nice tree to plant in the forest, eastern red cedar is also great for a backyard or porch. The special thing about these evergreen trees is their dense pyramid shape which is perfect for screens and windbreaks. It is also resistant to extreme cold, drought, and heat which is super tough. Plus with the berries that birds love, they can create a nice and tranquil atmosphere in your house.

Another unique thing is that these trees love the sun, so you can plant them in sunny areas easily. Eastern red cedars have medium green foliage with great tolerance to most soils, and they are perfect for open spaces. You can also use young berryless twigs of the tree to make juniper tea if you want to try them. Even tea from their fruits and leaves are medicine for colds and coughs, this is one amazing tree species to plant.

5Italian Cypress

image: Max Pixel

For those who like slender and tall evergreen trees, an Italian cypress is the option to consider. By the look, you can also tell that these trees make amazing choices for formal gardens and other places. These trees grow upright in a columnar shape up to a height of 21 meters (70 feet). Italian cypress grows fast, and they are also low maintenance which is very easy to take care of. However, you have to know that they thrive in dry climates and full sun in California, the Middle East, or Southern Europe. This also means they do very poorly in cooler or wetter climates where there is too much shade or water. Italian cypresses are very long-lived, some of them can live to be over 1,000 years old.

6Leyland Cypress

Not different from the Italian cypress, the Leyland cypress is also famous for its rapid growth and slender shape. The different thing should be the fact that it can grow in a wide variety of climate conditions and soil. Along with that, these evergreen trees make excellent windbreaks due to their dense barrier and all-year green color. Leyland cypresses are also perfect for blocking unwanted noise and shielding views for privacy. You can also prune and shape it repeatedly, and doing so does not harm the trees at all. Without pruning, these trees simply grow naturally in an oval or pyramidal shape. If you plant them in the right areas, your Leyland cypresses will also be the winter cover for game birds and songbirds.

7North Star White Spruce

image: Arbor Day

Neither big nor small, north star white spruce makes a great compliment to the gardens and front yards. It grows at a slow rate with a preference for moist conditions to be about 12 feet tall at maturity. The beautiful thing about these evergreen trees is that they display a compact form with their dense branches. At the same time, they have a classic pyramid shape with medium-green needles that look very nice. Those needles remain green through the winter, and they can withstand harsh winter conditions which is ideal for large open spaces. With that being said, north star white spruce is perfect for accent, general garden use, vertical accent, and more. Because they grow slowly under ideal conditions, these trees can live for around 50 years or longer.

8Thuja Green Giant

When it comes to adaptable and sturdy evergreen trees, the thuja green giant has to be the one. These beautiful and tall trees have lush green leaves all year round, and they also grow very fast as well. They grow up to 3 feet per year until they reach maturity which is about 50 to 60 feet tall. Thuja green giant trees are low maintenance, and they are resistant to adverse weather conditions, disease, and insects. Along with that, they grow in a columnar and uniform shape so you won’t need to prune them at all. Many people plant them as a stylish barrier or for privacy, and they serve these purposes perfectly. Thuja green giants can live up to 40 years, and no ice or snow can bother them.

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