Red Spider: 3 Arachnids With The Unusual Color


Anything red is fine, but a red spider? I am not so sure if the encounter with them brings any positive thoughts at first sight. There are quite a few spiders with red color out there that you will probably come across. You will find 3 red spider species below, some of them are dangerous while some are not. Either way, just make sure to keep your distance because they won’t harm you if you don’t harm them.

1Blacktailed Red Sheetweaver Spider

Red grass spider is the shorter name for this red spider species, and it is only found in a few regions. A blacktailed red sheetweaver spider is bright red in color and it has a black caudal tubercle. It has two rows of eyes, with two eyes on the top row and six more eyes on the bottom. The red grass spider inhabits agricultural fields, grasslands, and lawns in Mexico, the United States, and the West Indies.

This spider spins a horizontal sheet of non-sticky silk below with a tangle of stopping threads above. The threads intercept flying prey that cause it to fall into the horizontal sheet below where the spider awaits. Once the prey falls, the spider will capture and consume it. Red grass spiders are not pests and they can be beneficial when it comes to controlling flying bugs in your yard.

2Cardinal Jumper

The term cardinal simply refers to the cardinal red dorsal color of this spider species. A cardinal jumper has a red upper part and black underpart with 8 eyes, 4 in the front and 4 on top. You can distinguish females from males by the white dots on the abdomen and white slashes on the side of females. The cardinal jumper occurs in the Eastern United States and Mexico, with a possibility in Panama as well.

These spiders live in tall grass and weeds where they capture prey using their silky threads. Their common prey is crickets, flies, roaches, and other small insects and spiders that they can find. Cardinal jumpers so have venom in their fangs but it is not harmful to humans, and they only bite when threatened.

3Red House Spider

Commonly confused with black widows, the red house spider is among the spiders with red bodies. A red house spider has a red body or red body with brown or orange hues. This arachnid builds its web in dark corners, door frames, and under the furniture inside our houses. Red house spiders are venomous but their venom is not harmful to humans at all. While preying on ants, flies, and mosquitos which is a good thing, they are pests in case of an infestation.

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