20 Interesting Facts About Camels That You Should Know About


Camels are one well-known animals that live in the desert which we all know, but there’s more. There are many interesting thing about this animal, and the fascinating facts about them are here. Camels have been around with us for more than 4,000 years now, and people depend on them still. These animals live in the desert areas of Africa and Asia, and there are two types of them. Camel types are Dromedary which is the one with one hump, and Bactrian which is the one with two humps. More facts about camels will be below, so feel free to check them out.

1. Camels can move easily across the sand because of their special feet that consists of two toes. Those toes spread when they touch the ground which prevents the camels from sinking in the sand.

2. Despite the fact that their feet are special, they avoid walking on stony deserts because it somehow harms their feet.

3. Most camels can survive without food and water for long period of time, as long as weeks.

4. The eyes of a camel have three eyelids and two rows of eyelashes that prevent sand from entering their eyes.

5. Camel’s ears are furry, and those hairs keep the sand and dust away from their ears. Apart from the ears and eyes, their nostrils also play a part in preventing the sand from entering by closing in between two breaths.

6. When they find water, they will drink as much as possible. Also, they can drink up to 40 gallons of water at once.

7. Camels can run as fast as 40 miles per hour, and they were used in numerous wars in the past. That is because of their ability to travel long distance without water and food, plus they can be food they become old or weak. The meat of camels can be used for food while their fur is for clothing.

8. Pregnancy in camel lasts from 9 to 14 months, depending on the availability of food. They give birth to one calf and a time, and the baby can run a few hours after it is born. Also, baby camels are born without humps.

9. This mammal is so strong they can hold up to 900 pounds as they travel across the desert.

10. The lips of a camel are very thick, and they permit the animal to consume thorny vegetation without getting hurt.

11. Many people often confuse that a camel’s hump stores water, but the humps actually store fat. Their humps can store up to 80 pounds of fat at one time which they convert to energy and water when no food is available.

12. In defence, camels can kick all their four legs back and front all at once. Yes, that hurts so bad if you are unlucky enough to have your ass kicked by a camel.

13. When rest, camels lie down with their legs tucked under them.

14. A camel’s pee is thick just like syrup, while their poop is really dry it can fuel fires.

15. There is a camels wrestling event in Turkey that takes place every January.

16. Known for spitting, camels do that with their own reason. If they feel threatened, they will spit as a defense mechanism before they start kicking their legs around.

image: Pixabay

17. You might have seen camels with thick fur, and the coat reflects the sun so that the camels don’t get too hot.

18. With thick pads of skin on their chest and knees, camels can comfortably sit in very hot sand.

19. As desert dwellers, camels usually feed on grass, grains, wheat, oats, dried leaves, seeds, and thory twigs.

20. A camel can be as tall as 1.85 meters, and their long legs help them to stay further from the hot ground. More than that, they can withstand changes in body temperatures and water content that would kill most other animals.

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