Important Things That You Should Know About The Oceans


There are many important things that you should know about the oceans in our world. The first thing that you should know is that 75% of our planet earth is covered by water. Guess what, oceans are 71% of it. There are still many things we don’t know about the oceans out there. Yet, here we have some useful things that you might never know about the oceans. Let’s explore the oceans together today, shall we?

There are a few things that you should know first. The ocean is divided into 4 different zones: The Safe Zone, The Scary Zone, The Abyssal Zone, and the Hadal Zone.

1The Safe Zone

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Depth: 40 meters

This is the depth that allowed for recreational scuba divers. If you want to dive safe, that is the perfect depth for you. However, human beings like us always break the rules and do the impossible. There are 2 scuba divers that went beyond the safe depth. Herbert Nitsch dived as deep as 214 meters. While this guy, Ahmed Gabr, dived even deeper to 332 meters in which he broke the world record.

500 Meters

Blue whales are the ocean dwellers, and 500 meters is the maximum depth for them. Since they are the largest creature in the world, 500 meters deep in the ocean is a pretty good depth.

535 Meters

Well, you don’t have to be the largest animals to dive deep in the ocean. The emperor penguins can dive as deep as 535 meter anyway. Despite the pressure, they can dive okay down there.

2The Scary Zone

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Depth: 1000 Meters

At the depth of 1000 meters, the sunlight will end there. That means you will be in the complete darkness if you reach 1000 meters deep in the ocean. Bring flashlights, don’t forget that! In case you still survive the pressure, you might have the chance to meet the giant squid down there. Oh, yes they are killers.

2000 Meters

The deeper you get, the more terrifying sea creatures you will have the chance to high five. At this point of 2000 meters, you will meet the creatures like black dragonfish and more. They’re carnivores, yes.

2250 Meters

So sperm whales dive as deep as 2250 meters, but they’re not alone. There is this creature called Colossal Squid. They can grow as long as 14 meters, and they attack sperm whales! They have huge eyes, and sharp sickles on their tentacles. Just hope you won’t meet any of them.

3The Abyssal Zone

Depth: 4000 Meters

You will find even more creepy deep sea creatures at this level of depth. The pressure is even more tense at this point.

4267 Meters

You might hit the floor at this depth, but the ocean does not end there. The oceans are way deeper than that.

4791 Meters

Here you will find the wreckage of the battleship sunk in World War II.

4The Hadal Zone

Depth: 6000 Meters

If you dive as deep as 6000 meters, it is like you have found hell except that it is still under water. The water pressure is way worst than you can ever imagine. There might be more deep sea creatures you don’t expect to see down there.

6500 Meters

If you wonder how the Titanic was discovered, thanks to this Alvin Submarine. The Titanic did not sink that deep, but this submarine here can dive as deep as 6,500 meters in the ocean.

10, 898 Meters

This is the depth where James Cameron reached in 2012 during his deep sea challenging mission. But that is not the deepest level a human have reached.

10, 916 Meters

Two men, Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard, reached this level since 1960 in their submarine. They spent 20 minutes down there, and submerged back to the surface because their window began to crack.

10, 994 Meters

This shall be the deepest part of the ocean known as The Challenger Deep.

But since only 5% of the ocean has been explored, you will never know what lives down there. A mermaid perhaps? And you will never know how big can the creatures grow in the big ocean as well. The ocean is a most mysterious place on earth, stay safe people.

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