Nourishing Beverages: 10 Healthy Drinks To Start A Good Day


Guess what, coffee is not the only beverage that can energize your day at all. There are many other healthy drinks to start a good day for you once you have them with breakfast. If you want to be healthy and fit, these beverages right here are absolutely perfect. Some of them have low calories, while the others are rich in protein which is simply great. These drinks are also easy to make as well so you won’t spend much time on breakfast at home. Check out these 10 healthy drinks below and let us know if they are good for you.

1Apple-Cinnamon Smoothie

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Apple is already good, if you want to feel extra full and lose some more weight, add some cinnamon. It keeps you full for hours which is great if you’re busy at work since you won’t feel hungry. If you know your morning schedule is going to be booked, don’t forget a glass of apple-cinnamon smoothie!

2Avocado Smoothie

Avocado is great no matter what way you eat it. It is great for smoothies, breakfast, dessert, and pretty much everything. To make a healthy glass of avocado smoothie with taste, a few spoons of dense milk will do. It helps keep you fit and healthy at the same time. Simply great for breakfast, and of course, smoothie takes only a few minutes to prepare.

3Banana Smoothie

This one is my personal favorite because bananas are the best fruit ever. Bananas contain potassium which maintains your blood pressure levels and vitamin B6 which maintains steady blood sugar levels. You can also add half apple slices, or other fruits together like oranges or berries to bring up the taste. Healthy and energetic at the same time, a banana smoothie is a perfect drink for you.

4Blueberry Smoothie

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You can make your own smoothie at home in just a few minutes to be healthy. All you need is some blueberries and fresh orange juice blending together. There you have it. A glass of nutritious smoothie that keeps you full the whole morning and makes you healthy at the same time.

5Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice is also a great drink for breakfast as well. It is full of vitamin C which is good for health, and it also helps maintain your weight. A glass of fresh orange juice every morning is a great way to start a healthy day.

6Green Tea

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Let’s begin with a zero-calorie drink here. So hot green tea is one of the healthy choices for breakfast because it is really good for you. Drinking green tea daily can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, and cavities. You might wonder how can such a simple drink do so much, that is because it contains no chemical substances. Natural drinks are always good for you.

7Hot Chocolate

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A replacement for coffee is hot chocolate for sure. You can easily and quickly make a cup of hot cocoa with raw or organic cacao powder. It includes both caffeine to provide energy while increasing the neurotransmitter serotonin which is great for regulating mood. A cup of hot chocolate in the morning can help you reduce stress while protecting you from heart disease.

8Milkshake Smoothie

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In case drinking fresh fruit smoothies every day is not fun, you can change your taste once in a while. Milkshake smoothie is a high-protein drink that can energize your day. You can add some vanilla to raise the taste as well. Sometimes you just want to have dessert for breakfast you know.

9Mint Tea

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If you think green tea does not taste right for you, mint tea is your second option. It also contains zero calories, and it also helps your health a lot as well. You can either drink it hot or cold, either is great. Mint tea is a tasty drink that allows your muscles to relax which prevents you from stiffness and aches. It is also a great weight loss beverage as well since it boosts digestion which makes you eat right.

10Strawberry Smoothie

If you are a fan of strawberries, go for a strawberry smoothie. You can also add chia seeds or yogurt to enhance the taste of the smoothie as well. Strawberry smoothie is rich in vitamin C and potassium, yet low in calories which is simply great for breakfast.


In case you have never tried smoothie before, it only takes 3 steps and a few minutes. So feel free to make your own smoothie! Simply prepare your fruits and ingredients, put them in the blender, and blend them nicely. Voila! You have a glass of healthy beverage as breakfast for your morning. If you want a cold smoothie, you can either use frozen fruit or add some ice to the blender. Stay healthy, stay fit.

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