10 Delicious Pastries To Eat In The Cafe


Delicious pastries always make the atmosphere better in the café. In most coffee shops, there is always a great variety of sweet baked snacks for you to choose from. If you already have your favorite, then it is great. But if you don’t, I have some suggestions for you. It is always good to try something new once in a while anyway. From simple pastries to the best, here we have 10 of them for you today. These pastries taste absolutely great, and you will surely love them.


This my friend, is the definition of delicious. Baklava is a sweet pastry that has layers of tasty nuts with syrup or honey. One bite, and you will yearn for more. This pastry makes a great dessert, and you can find them in many cafés.

2Bread Rolls

image: cookipedia

The different styles of bread rolls make them look different from each other. Some bread rolls come with the size and length of a finger that you can eat as a snack. While some other bread rolls come in a size of a bun with different toppings and covers. Some people eat them the way of eating a sandwich, and it looks like a mini baguette somehow.


A brownie usually comes in a square look with a soft cookie texture, but there are also other forms as well. You can eat them with milk or ice cream, but if they come with whipped cream, one is enough. The sweeter the pastry gets, the more calorie they have, don’t gain weight eating pastries. But since brownies taste good, you can break the rule once in a while!

4Cereal Cookie

You know cookies, and there are countless flavors of them. In case you are looking for a healthy and low-calorie breakfast type of pastry, this is the one. Not many coffee shops serve this type of cookie, but if you find one, feel free to order. One of two of them will make you feel full the whole morning, and the calorie is average.

5Cheese Scone

Cheese is already an amazing ingredient, combined with the scones, that is the best. It takes some time to mix everything together before baking, but it’s worth it. I think 2 cheese scones will make an average person feel full, but maybe you can eat more than that.


image: Cookist

If you go to the coffee shop to chit chat with your friends, churro is the perfect snack for you guys. They are crunchy and tasty sticks that vary in flavors like cinnamon sugar, sprinkled sugar, chocolate, and more.

7Cinnamon Roll

image: allrecipes

You can find cinnamon rolls in Northern Europe and North America, and in many coffee shops. They make great breakfast and snacks for their robust and sweet flavor. There are many different looks and ways of cooking when it comes to pastries. They all taste good, depending on the flavor and taste of your preference.

8Coconut Macaroons

image: Rennings

Macaroon comes in many flavors and colors, but coconut macaroons are unique in both shapes and taste. This little cake has the size of an ice cream scoop, and it tastes just as great as the common macaroons. While most macaroons have different colors and flavors, coconut macaroons look golden brown and taste coconuty.


Everyone knows muffins, they’re like cupcakes except they are not that sweet and creamy. A few muffins for breakfast will make your day energetic. There are many flavors of muffins like blueberry, cheese, chocolate chip, banana, and more. The great thing is almost every coffee shop serves muffins. Somehow muffins are also healthy to eat as well.

10Puff Pastry

With several layers of butter, this is the type of pastry that makes you feel the aftertaste after eating. You will still have that buttery feeling in your mouth, puff pastry is that delicious. It has a wide range of many flavors that you can choose from, and you will love it.

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