10 Awesome Inventions In Japan


Japan is an incredible country that is full of awesome inventions that ease the living standard of their people. Some of the inventions are super cool while others are also weird. From the chopstick fan that blows the hot noodles cool as people eat to beauty gadgets, there are more than you know. Take a look at 10 amazing inventions in Japan here and see which one you like the most.

1Cafe For Loners

Being alone in the cafe wouldn’t be too lonely anymore. If you come to this cafe without any company, you will have an adorable plush toy in front of you.

2Cushion For Lying Down & Working

I probably need this cushion too since I work with my laptop while lying on my stomach all the time. Utsubusene cushion can help rest your hands and shoulders, and make you feel less uncomfortable. This one is super awesome.

3Dog Sunglasses

image: Max Pixel

Going out on a bright sunny day with your dog will be so much more pleasant than before. Now, you can purchase dog sunglasses if your dogs don’t like the sunlight as they go out with you.

4Hotel With Robot Dinosaur Receptionist

image: Shouts

Since Japan is a country of cool robots, having a robot dinosaur receptionist is one fascinating thing. And look how adorable the dinosaur is.

5Liberation Wrapper

Japanese people don’t like opening their mouths way too big at all, according to their culture. So, to eat a burger without worrying about that using having this awesome cover. Everyone can eat their burgers and don’t have to worry about showing their mouth or chewing face at all.

6Ponytail Hole Helmet

No more worries about ruining the hairstyle after wearing a helmet anymore. This ponytail hole helmet brings just the right thing for ladies.

7Silent Karaoke Microphone

image: Shouts

You can sing as much as you like, and no one will hear it besides you. This silent karaoke microphone can simply muffle your voice as you sing. So, you can enjoy singing wherever and whenever you like easily.

8Turning Train Seats

image: TilTul

Why stay in one place when your seat can turn to different angles like this one?

9Water-Saving Sink Over Toilet Supply Tank

image: reddit

Saving water is one of the things that we should do, little things help too. You can wash your hand after using the toilet, and the supply tank gathers the water from the sink. That means the water that you used to wash your hand will be used again.

10Umbrella Lot

Apart from bicycles, umbrellas are also things that the Japanese use every day as well. This umbrella lot exists in many office buildings in Japan for workers. With it, everyone knows their umbrellas are safe and secure in the place where they belong.

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